​Caring for your van on a road trip

A campervan opens you up to a world of travel opportunities, like short getaways or longer multi-stop road trips. But with longer trips comes the caveat that your van is going to require maintenance, both inside & out.

Despite campervans coming in different sizes & specs, which require more specific maintenance. So we've put together some key rules that will keep your van in tip-top shape & ensure you get the most out of your road trip.

Keep it clean inside & out:

No this doesn’t mean that you need to wash your van every day! But a cursory clean on the outside where possible is a good opportunity to not only reflect on your journey but also do a quick walk around and make sure everything is okay. 

This tip is really focused on the interior. You’re going to be spending hours if not days on the road & then during your downtime you’re going to be living in it! A messy campervan is the same as a messy house, but worse because of its limited space!

Do a daily walkaround & make a checklist:

Making sure your vehicle is in top condition & has no obvious defects should be a part of your routine. So, when you first get up in the morning, just do a quick walk around. It is best to do this in the morning or before your first drive that day. As the engine will be cold.

Your checklist could be as simple as checking your tyre pressures, making sure there’s no damage & ensuring your lights are working. Or you could do a full check including oil levels etc. but if you follow our next step these shouldn't be an issue.

Get a service before you start out:

Getting a service done prior to your trip could be the difference between a hitch-free holiday or being stranded at the roadside. Not only will it flag any issues before they catch you out, it will help to give you confidence, knowing that a professional has ok’d your campervan!


As you’re going to be living in your van for an extended period, it is worth either investing in an electric dehumidifier or getting some single-use ones. Both types work by removing the moisture from the air inside the campervan.

If you’re going to be sleeping in the van, have onboard water stores or refrigeration. You’re likely to get a build-up of condensation whilst static due to the limited airflow. So, a dehumidifier will help to keep the interior fresh by limiting opportunities for mildew & dampness to set in.

Lean on the side of caution:

Even if your road trip is relatively near to civilisation, it is always worth keeping all your resources topped up. Keep your water tanks topped off & anything your van needs full (within reason) whether that be charge or fuel. The same goes for you as well, make sure you’re getting everything you need. Adequate sleep, food & hydration! We guarantee it will make for a better time!

In summary:

Though most of these tips are small & take very little time to do. They will have a massive effect on your road trip. You’ll never be caught without resources, are less likely to run into technical issues & will have much more time to enjoy yourself in the long run!

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