Easter Activities to do Outside

Spring is well and truly here which means the Bank Holiday weekend for Easter is fast approaching! With this in mind, we’ve got lots of ideas for outdoor activities you can do whilst the kids are off school!

Garden Camping

One of our first choices for an outdoor activity this Bank holiday is to of course camp in the garden! This is a super fun activity for the whole family to do! Set up your tent, decorate it with fun bunting, blankets and fairy lights and get a good movie set up ready for a cosy night in the garden!

You’re not too far away from the home comforts which makes this an ideal activity for everyone to do even for those that aren’t too keen on camping!

Easter Egg Hunt

Now this is a pretty great activity for everyone to get involved in. Not only do you get to hunt for all the sweet treats, you also get to enjoy eating them all afterwards! Setting up an Easter Egg hunt is incredibly fun, you need to have someone to hide them and then count them at the end to pick the ultimate Easter Egg Hunt Winner!

Easter Egg Hunts can also take place both inside and outside of the house. It could be more difficult to hold the hunt inside the house, so taking it outside would be a more challenging and fun alternative!

Egg Painting

We all know how messy egg painting can be so why not try it outside and enjoy decorating some hard boiled eggs with pretty patterns and doing a contest as to who has the prettiest decorated egg!

This is a great activity to do with young children as it allows them to be creative and use their imagination to decorate their eggs!

Biscuit Decorating

Everyone loves a biscuit which is why spending an afternoon decorating some biscuits is a great activity to do this Easter bank holiday!

We’d recommend baking some biscuits yourself and getting some cookie cutters to make the experience of decorating them all the better or you can simply pop to your local supermarket and get some bunny shaped biscuits and head home to sit in the great outdoors and get decorating!

Easter Olympics

If you’re a family or group of friends that loves competition, why not make up your own Easter Olympic games! Organise a day full of fun packed things to do where you can race against your family and friends for the ultimate easter gift – the largest easter egg!

We’d recommend compiling a list of activities in which you can compete with your friends and family such as:

  • Easter Egg Hunt
  • Egg and Spoon Race
  • Who can decorate their biscuit fastest?


Whilst you may think that cycling has nothing to do with Easter, it’s a great way to enjoy getting to spend some time in the great outdoors as well as getting to stay active and fit and exploring your local area!

Try researching some local trails in which you can go cycling on and enjoy a great day out with your family and friends!

We hope that this blog has given you some great ideas in what you can do this Easter bank holiday whether you’re spending time with your friends or family!

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