Festival Edition: Which Camping Tent is best for me?

When going to a festival it can be so difficult to decide which tent to buy and it feels like all your thoughts get jumbled... Do I buy a 4 man tent? What if it's too difficult to put up? Maybe a 2 man tent? What if it's too small?

Don't worry OLPRO's got your back! Now let's help you find the right tent for you!

Let's start off by figuring out how many people will be staying in your tent!

If there will be one to three people staying in your tent, go to section A. If there will be four to six people staying in your tent, go to section B.

Section A

 If you are wanting a tent which is just to sleep in but still has enough room for you to store your stuff in then the OLPRO Pop Tents are perfect for you! This will also be perfect for two people to sleep in if you are travelling light! They also come in three different colours too! You can choose from BlueGreen and Orange! With a pitching time of 1 minute this tent is so easy to put up for beginners or camping pros!

If you are wanting a tent for two people but still want a living area for friends to be able to visit then the OLPRO Abberley Green Tent is your best bet! One of the not so great things about camping is when insects get into your tent, however this tent comes with a sewn in groundsheet and fly mesh doors so that's one less thing for you to worry about!

If you are looking for a tent with enough room for three people to sleep in and still keep it cosy then the OLPRO Knightwick 2.0s is for you! This tent still has a living area for you to enjoy but most importantly has a bedroom big enough to fit three people! With the Knightwick it feels like reliving your childhood with one big sleepover!

Section B

If you are looking for a four berth tent with plenty of leg room the OLPRO Gemini 4 Berth Vis a Vis Tent is your best match! The Gemini features two bedrooms which can both fit two people in, as well as a living area. You could even use the Gemini for just two people and use the spare bedroom as storage space!

If you are planning on going to a festival and staying in a tent with all of your friends then you should check out the OLPRO Orion 6 Berth Tent! With two detachable 3 berth bedrooms you could even use the Orion as a 3 berth tent with an extra large living space or you could remove both bedrooms and just use the Orion for a living area!

Hopefully this blog has helped you in your decision of which festival tent to buy, if you enjoyed this blog then make sure to check out the other OLPRO blogs!

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