New Items in the OLPRO Summer Sale!

Posted by Ben Deakin on 12th Jul 2022

New Items in the OLPRO Summer Sale!

New Items on Sale!

The OLPRO Summer Sale is already packed with items from all over the store! But this week we’re adding even more! If there wasn’t anything in there for you already, there certainly is now!

Let’s Start With the Big Stuff, Tents & Awnings!

OLPRO tentsawnings are already great value for money even without the sale reductions! So now is the time to grab one if you're in the market for one. Some of our most popular items are in the sale as well, such as the Apollo 4 berth Tent or the Cubo Breeze Inflatable Awning. Also, our brand new Lunar XL Motorhome Awning is in the sale!  So let's look at the further reductions! 

Tent, Awning & Camping Accessories

Rucksacks & Sleeping Bags

With all these new additions there are now nearly 100 items in the sale! Be sure to check back regularly to see what we add next!

Also, be sure to check out our blog on discount codes, to maximise your savings! 

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