Tips For Hiking With Kids

Posted by Tori Wilkes on 3rd Mar 2023

Tips For Hiking With Kids

We know that as a parent you want to share your passions with your kids. From attending your favourite sports events to teaching them to play an instrument, sharing passions and knowledge are a wonderful way to bond. If hiking is the hobby that you want to share with your children, we have broken down our tips for stress-free family adventures.

Stock Up On snacks

There’s nothing worse than being hungry and not having enough snacks and food whilst on a hike. Kids’ appetites are unpredictable, especially if they’re exerting more energy than usual and a grumbling belly is perfect ammunition for a tantrum. We’d recommend packing more snacks than you think you need to keep your little ones happy.

Start Early in The Day

Most children are early risers and have the most energy in the morning. Because of this, we would recommend starting your hikes early to prevent your little one from becoming tired and grumpy.

Walking Boots Over Wellies

Walking boots are perfect for a short walk in the park on a rainy day, however, they aren’t the best option for long hikes. You want your babies to have comfortable feet, meaning they will be happy to walk for longer. Waterproof walking boots are the best of both worlds, water-repellent and comfy!

Wear Warm and Waterproof Clothing

It’s a good idea to wrap up warm and remove layers throughout the day, rather than being cold on your walk with no options to heat up. It’s best to dress your little one in waterproofs (or pack them in case) even if it’s not expected to rain as they may want to jump in puddles or paddle in streams.

Find Interesting Trails

Make your hikes interesting! Use apps such as all trails and find hikes that have fun quirks that kids may find interesting. It’s also a good idea to make sure that you’re hiking towards something rather than just a loop, giving the kids an end goal.

Play Games and Sing Songs

Play some games to make the hike more fun. Some ideas include I spy and The Alphabet Game. You can also sing songs and tell stories! Anything to help pass the time.

Hike Often and From as Young as Possible

If hiking is a passion of yours and you are expecting a child, it’s best to get out hiking with them as soon as possible. The younger you start with them the more likely they are to enjoy it, making the experience easier. If you are trying to get into hiking and your children are a little bit older, make sure you’re using well-walked, safe trails to keep everyone safe and make for a more enjoyable experience.

Incorporate Crafts in Your Hike

It could be a good idea to set your child tasks for them to carry out on the hike. For example, you could get them to collect a certain number of sticks or leaves. These can later be used for crafts when you get home to make insect houses for example.

Hike with friends

Don’t be afraid to get out hiking with other families! Hiking with families whom your kids are friends with is a wonderful idea as it helps keep them occupied. It can also help you and your babies to develop stronger relationships.

Take Plenty of Breaks and Plan Lots of Time for The Hike

Don’t be fooled that a 2-hour hike will be finished in this time when hiking with your little one. Typically, children are slower due to their little legs and their tendency to get distracted. Children will also need lots of breaks so make sure you pack plenty of fluids and give yourselves lots of time to complete the trip.

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