The OLPRO Snug Tailgate Awning

Posted by Victoria Wilkes on 5th Jan 2023

The OLPRO Snug Tailgate Awning

You asked, and we listened. We’re finally releasing our very own Snug Tailgate Awnings for those of you who need that little bit of extra space out of the back of your van!

Perfect for solo campers or couples who want an extra sheltered space ideal for cooking, or just for sitting/storage in unfair weather.

Designed with tailgate campervans in mind, the awning quickly attaches to your vehicle using throw-over straps or using an awning rail. The snug is fully waterproof up to 5000mm. The tunnel that attaches to the camper has two doors on either side to ensure easy access to the rear of your vehicle.

And what makes the launch of the Snug tailgate Awning even more special is that it comes with either fully inflatable beams or steel leg poles and fibreglass roof poles.

Shop the Snug Inflatable Tailgate Awning here

Shop the Snug Poled Tailgate Awning here.

Form more awnings, you can shop our range of awnings for sale here. 

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