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Windbreaks - Ideal for the Campsite, Beach or Garden.

Are you going on a family holiday or on an adventure with some friends and could you do with some little extras to help make your trip that little bit more comfortable? We have a fantastic selection of windbreakers that will give you that added protection. Enjoy your getaway in both comfort and style with OLPRO windbreaks and accessories.

Why choose OLPRO?

Our windbreaker poles are made with poles either made from compact steel or traditional wood. In addition to this, as well as being very practical and extremely well made it’s an added benefit that they look great too. With that in mind, we have a great selection of patterns and styles that are designed by OLPRO to add a bit of life and colour into your trip and camping equipment. 

Why would I need one?

Windbreaks are perfect for using on the campsite to protect your tents and awnings from the elements, as well as acting as boundaries. But if you’re not much of a camper or caravanning type, then why not grab a windbreak and head for a picnic or to the beach. Windbreaks will offer you a great form of shelter in the open and will help set you up for a great day of sun, sea and sand in the warmer months.

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