The team at OLPRO work together to design and create unique camping and outdoor products and work hard to ensure that those products are easy to buy worldwide, selling to widest possible audience. We were tired of using and seeing products which looked dull, outdated and did nothing to make camping feel exciting or inviting to potential enthusiasts so we decided to introduce products which would change this and stand out. The OLPRO Community consists of people who enjoy being outdoors for a range of different reasons, from seasoned campers and day trippers to festival goers, camper van enthusiasts and people visiting sporting events. Listening to what our community has to say is key to ensuring our products are being developed to give customers what they need. We aim to ensure that people can use the precious time they have to make the most of the outdoors and live now.

Stand Out

We are Bold in what we do, what we try and what we offer. We are here to Stand out. We are Focused on our brand, on the awareness of our brand, and what our brand means to people. OLPRO means Standing Out, OLPRO shows Trust, OLPRO Is Technical and Knowledgeable. We Stand Out in our design and in the way we operate. We develop Trust through communication and making it easy for people to talk with us. We demonstrate the technical attributes of what we do and offer knowledge to our community.


Communication is key to gaining trust with customers, both new and returning. As a brand we never stop talking to people, but we always listen more. This Communication leads to innovation. We take risks within the product ranges we’re known for and experiment. We innovate, creating new products. There is a constant desire for innovation. We aim to simplify our processes making everything easier for customers and for us.

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