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Retribe x OLPRO│A Second Life for Canvas

Retribe x OLPRO│A Second Life for Canvas

As a B Corp in the outdoors industry, we're always looking for ways to mitigate our impact on the green planet we love to enjoy, we've always considered ways to re-cycle our products at the end of their life.


Within the industry, there has always been large quantites of polyester which ends up in landfill. Our mission is to change this. We've recently introduced OLTECH REPRO - which focuses on the pre-production lifecycle and how we can make our product more eco-friendly. This collab with ReTribe deliveres on our desires to create a realistic post-product lifecycle - by stripping down components and re-integrating them. 

We've partnered with Retribe to develop a collection of products with sustainability as its core principle. The Retribe team specializes in repurposing tents from festivals, salvaging nearly every component to give them a second life as practical items. In support of this initiative, we're contributing our surplus canvas, which cannot be sold through our pre-loved program, to be repurposed into new products through restitching. 

Retribe signify more than just a brand; they represent a movement towards sustainability and a circular economy. With Retribe it's not about clothing, it's a commitment to design, manufacture, repair, and upcycle garments and accessories. As part of this collab, we hope to be adding more products to the range and taking big first steps towards a zero-waste industry. 

The team at OLPRO are really proud to be working on this project with Retribe and we're proud that we've been able to share this with you. 

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