Plant a Tree Initiative │Powered by Ecologi

Plant a Tree Initiative │Powered by Ecologi

In 2021, we took the decision to take action on climate change and to do more than our bit as a brand to protect our planet earth. We teamed up with Ecologi - And joined a community of members who are making a huge impact.


Working alongside Ecologi, we plant trees all over the world in areas which need them most. Through our Ecologi page, you can trace where we plant trees, what projects we have taken part in, and trace the tree by an individual tree number. 


Not only do we plant trees! We also support verified carbon avoidance projects across the world - which reduce emissions.  

We've pledged to plant a tree for every Tent, Awning, Rucksack & Blanko we sell! As well as pledging to plant trees for every product sold within the Ed Stafford x OLPRO collab range. 


You can see our impact by clicking the 'our forest' banner at the top of the page. Further down, we've answered some of the common questions we receive about our iniaitive! 

A pound symbol depicting products bought on

A product is purchased through

A hand holding a sapling graphic, that symbolises the sapling ecologi plants

We purchase a tree through the Ecologi platform

A globe graphic symbolising the good Ecologi is doing for international sustainability

That sapling grows into a tree and helps our planet earth

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