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365 Warranty

365 Warranty

All OLPRO products are designed and manufactured to exacting standards at our multiple factories and are assessed under the appropriate conditions and terms of use. All OLPRO products are covered by our 365-day warranty.


The warranty covers manufacturing faults on purchase of the product. These potential faults may be in the parts, the materials of the product, or the workmanship. The warranty also covers the functionality of the product for its normal use. We are not responsible for any additional costs caused by a warranty issue.


The OLPRO 365 Warranty covers you for 12 months from the day of purchase but most of the potential warranty issues apply to issues that will occur before first use. 


The OLPRO 365 does not cover tent poles/beams or windbreak poles or the malfunction of any fabric or component that has resulted from improper or unreasonable use or lack of maintenance. We feel the need to reiterate that such occurrences in mesh doors are not covered under the warranty, just like certain items of clothing; mesh can develop pulls/snags and we cannot guarantee that this will not happen. Accidents such as damage due to excessive weather/winds, improper re-packing of products, or any natural degradation due to sunlight are not covered.


No consequential loss may be claimed under this warranty. To help yourself guard against any losses we always recommend that you evaluate anything you have purchased in good time before going away – Any fault should be discovered at this point. This warranty in no way affects your statutory rights. Click here for full terms and conditions of sale from this site.


The warranty does not apply if the product has been used for anything other than reasonable personal camping use. Commercial use (e.g., rental) or continuous use as a residence is expressly excluded. All tents and awnings are made for occasional use over short periods and not for seasonal pitches or residences.


Before placing a warranty claim, please ensure you have read the below information regarding a claim. 


We work with our retail partners to maintain all warranty claims/repairs. It is essential that during this process, your sales contract (Which is between you and the retailer you purchased from) remains in effect during any claim. If you have purchased through a retailer and have experienced what you believe to be a warranty issue - it is imperative that you contact the retailer direct, and they will advise the correct course of action. Should your retailer require the product to be returned direct to us for testing, they will return the product on your behalf. We are unable to deal directly with any contracts that do not refer directly to OLPRO as the seller.

Conditions of Our Warranty policy:


All products within their warranty period are swapped, like for like, for a new product. If it is just a small issue or where something can be replaced, we may choose to send that part as opposed to the full product, to save you having to return the product in full. An example of this would be if an inner tent were damaged – we would be able to send a new inner tent, as opposed to swapping the full product. Full terms and conditions are available here


It is always easiest if you can send photographs of any potential problems so we can help quickly.


As a guide, the following damage is not covered by your warranty:


• General wear and tear over extended periods of use.
• Flaws in the fabric caused by excessive wear - This includes door mesh.
• Water ingress through fabric because of UV degradation.
• Water ingress through seams caused by excessive abrasion of seams.
• Broken zips caused by forcing, jamming, or improper use.
• Over tensioned/stretched seams coming apart.
• Buckles subjected to undue force or abrasion.
• Broken carry bag if it is overloaded.
• Any tent pole breakages.
• Any air beam damage or breakage
• Collateral damage from a pole breakage.
• Collateral damage from air beam breakages
• UV Degradation.
• Condensation (usually caused by a lack of ventilation).
• Commercial use by rental companies
• Storm damage


OLPRO Air Beams are excluded from the Warranty:


• OLPRO Air Beam punctures are treated as “fair wear and tear” and are, therefore, not covered under warranty. Neither is collateral damage from beam punctures or pole breakages.


• For your confidence and peace of mind every single air beam in every tent and awning manufactured by OLPRO is evaluated before being used. To do this all OLPRO beams are inflated and left for two weeks before being inserted into the sleeves of our tents and awnings. This way we know that every single beam, on delivery, will work for you. We still ask you to test your product before going away. We ask you to inflate beams carefully and use the pump supplied or a pump set to 7psi and no more.


• Once sold we cannot know how a beam has been inflated, what has been used to inflate it, or how that beam has been treated but we do know that beams leave us ready to inflate to the correct pressure.


• Collateral damage includes any damage to zips or the beam casing which may be damaged if beams are not inflated correctly or are burst.


• Unfortunately, damage to beams through incorrect use can come about at the first use as easily as later so please be aware that whilst spares are available you should get years of use through your air beam with the correct use.


•  To help prevent damage to beams, the team has put together informative videos to show you the right way to inflate your air beams and your storm bars, see below.


Warranty FAQs:


Please check these commonly asked questions to see if they help. We have likely answered the question within these.


• We also have a comprehensive FAQ section.


• It is extremely easy to confuse leaking with condensation. Condensation is the bane of the camper’s life. We have put together the following article on how to avoid condensation here. We've done this because we recognize that people do want more information on how to safeguard against condensation and because we do get calls from people concerned about water in the tent which turns out to be condensation.


•We have also put together a video showing you exactly what a leak looks like and what you need to provide in the case of a warranty claim. A good example of proof of a leaking tent can be seen here.


Useful links:

•   Condensation


Making a Claim:

• To return a product under warranty, please get in touch by clicking Contact Us at the top of the page or email us using Please provide details of your order including email address, order number, and affected products. Photographs MUST be provided along with any reason for return. Any claim that is not substantiated with photographic evidence of the issue stated in the warranty policy above will not be considered a valid claim. Not informing us of a return will cause delays in dealing with it


• Unfortunately, we are unable to offer a refund, as the standard return period has now expired. However, we do offer a repair or replacement service, meaning we will collect the item from you and inspect the product for manufacturing faults.


• After inspection, the warranty team will decide to repair or replace the product.


• Please ensure all items of the faulty product are returned. If a tent or awning is being returned, please ensure the pump, pegs, beams/poles are also included.


If you return a product and it is deemed to be an issue not covered under your warranty policy. You will be liable for the shipping costs associated with returning it to you.


**PLEASE NOTE- We are unable to accept items that are heavily soiled or wet. This is down to Health and hygiene reasons. If the product is received back in this state, it will be returned to you for you to return later when dry at your own cost*


If you return a product and it is deemed to be one of the above, you will be liable for the return cost of that product. 


• Our warranty, like that of other tent brands, as you would expect, does not offer any warranty cover for any damage caused to products or collateral damage to personal belongings caused by high winds and weather conditions.


• It is the customer's responsibility to check weather forecasts and updates to ensure a safe and trouble-free holiday. As much as we love camping, and the holidays are booked in advance unfortunately there are conditions in which the customer should use common sense and make the decision to either continue in unreasonable conditions and risk damage or the unfortunate decision to cut the holiday short or seek alternative accommodation until the weather has improved to suitable and safe environment to camp. As a camping brand, we are aware of when a tent or awning has experienced damage caused by storms and high winds, and any damage that is considered storm damage will void your warranty.


• It is not the case that anyone can use a product, damage it, and then expect it to be replaced


Parcel Collections


• We will only collect an item if it is in its original packaging unless agreed beforehand by email.


• If you are returning goods for whatever reason and you ask us to collect under the pretence, that they/it is in the original packaging, you will be liable for any damage and any additional postage costs incurred.


• If you no longer have your original packaging, it is your responsibility to ensure the item arrives back to us exactly as it was sent, failure to properly package could cost you extra, or even void your warranty in part or in full. If you have to arrange your own courier within the first 6 months, we will cover up to £25 of the cost for you to send the items back.


• If you have sent your item back and it is not in the original packaging, you are also responsible for insuring your item, it will be your responsibility to make a claim against the courier for lost or damaged items.


The maximum single package we can collect is: 

• 30kg. 

• Less than 150cm in length.

• Less than 80cm in width and height.

If you are outside of the warranty period


If you're outside of your warranty period or you have damaged the product or need a replacement part, you can contact us direct and we can advise how to repair the product yourself. You can also purchase spare parts from our spares website. 


Useful Links:

Spare Parts

Repairs & Maintenance

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