Lifetime Warranty FAQ

Lifetime Warranty FAQ

Q. What is covered in the Warranty?


All OLPRO canvas products, including footprint groundsheets and carpets, are covered under our Product Lifetime Warranty. 


Should a product fail due to manufacturing defects in workmanship and/or materials, or a genuine fault, we will repair the item free of charge or replace it at our discretion. If it is no longer available, we will replace it with an alternative from our current range that is as close to it as possible.

Q. What is not covered by the warranty?


Our guarantee covers genuine manufacturing faults or defects only and does not cover normal wear and tear. To help clarify what this means, here are a few points that would not be covered:


Adhesive/glue/bonding: Adhesives will naturally dry and break down over time because of age, particularly with heavy use and poor aftercare.


Wear and tear: Anything that is reaching or has reached the end of its serviceable life. For example, if a zip breaks on a heavily used item, it is usually down to wear and tear rather than a fault.


Accidental damage: Whether it is caused by you or someone else –this includes rips, cuts, scuffs, tears, abrasions, odours, and stains are not covered.


Colour Fading: All synthetic fabrics will fade over some time. This is caused by ultraviolet radiation present in daylight. Ultraviolet radiation will eventually cause a weakening of all synthetic fabrics. As UV degradation is a natural characteristic of synthetic fabrics, we can't predict nor guarantee the life of any synthetic fabric. 


Poor aftercare: Your product should be cared for and properly maintained. If, for example, your tent is packed away wet and is not properly dried, then any stains or leakage would be due to poor aftercare, rather than being a manufacturer’s fault.


Doors/zips on openings on waterproof items: These are difficult to guarantee as waterproof and some circumstances would give the impression that there is a leak when in fact there is not (for example, opening and closing doors in the rain or bringing wet garments inside. even condensation build up). Even when doors are protected by a rain flap, rain can still sneak in when doors are opened/closed - but rest assured that it will not pass through the tent's flysheet. 


Damage caused by misuse or alteration of the product.


Any consequential loss or damage resulting from a fault.


Second-hand items: Unfortunately, our warranty covers only the original owner.


Storm Damage: Products are not designed to withstand heavy storms, and we advise you to strike any tents or awnings if winds are high enough to cause damage. Our warranty team will check any claims for storm damage and weather warnings at the time of claiming.


Q. How long does a warranty review take?


A warranty review can take up to 28 days, this could take longer in the summer months due to the seasonal nature of the business. Any timescale would be communicated to the customer


Q. How long are products covered?


We do not just guarantee our products for a set time frame. Our warranty team consider every case individually because the lifespan of our products varies depending on several factors. For example, a heavily used or poorly maintained item will have a shorter life than an averagely used or well-looked-after item.


The Warranty is subject to the following conditions (Not Exhaustive):


1. The Warranty only applies to an original purchaser who purchased this product either from OLPRO or from an approved retailer.


2. The Warranty does not apply if the product has been used for anything other than reasonable personal camping use. Commercial use (e.g., rental) or continuous use as a residence is expressly excluded.


3. Damage due to normal wear and tear, accident, acts of God, negligence, failure by the purchaser to ensure instructions for setting up and care are observed, deterioration due to abnormal exposure to ultraviolet light, insect or mildew attack, or any other cause reasonably beyond the control of OLPRO are not covered.


4. All transport costs and any other indirect costs are excluded from the Warranty past 60 days.


5. OLPRO reserves the right to make a reasonable charge for repairs which it determines are not within the scope of the warranty.


Please note, that if your product has mould on it from improper storage, we are unable to accept it back for repair or return and your warranty will be voided. Any product sent to us with mould will be sent back at your own expense. 



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