About Us

About Us

Our story began in 2011 in sight of the Malvern Hills where Daniel and Lisa decided to establish a brand where quality and sustainability would go hand in hand for those adventurers who wanted to stand out. Inspired by years of experience and our community, We've continued to grow. 


 Since then we've been revolutionising outdoor gear. We were fed up with mundane, outdated camping equipment that drained the joy from our outdoor trips. With this in mind we embarked on a journey to create cooler designs that rekindle the excitement of camping. With OLPRO, your camping experience is enhanced with gear as vibrant and dynamic as the landscapes you choose to explore.


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Our Mission

Our mission is simple: make gear that's both functional and eye-catching. 


Since our beginning, we've been bringing new products, new designs and new features to the market. Alongside our colourful designs, we've also developed technologies that improve the performance of our products. 


OLPRO is a brand built on adventure and built for adventure.



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Our Beginnings - Daniel Walton

Growing up in Sheffield I spent a lot of time climbing and in the outdoors.  I learnt about what made products better than I expected.  For twelve years I was Director at four different Outdoor Brands before I realised I needed to launch a new brand into campervan and camping world – one that would Stand Out,  in terms of innovation, the way we thought about our planet and how it would surpass the expectations of those who love the Great Outdoors. 

In 2021, we celebrated our 10th year - our first milestone! Since then, it's fair to say we've come a long way as a brand.


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Our Planet

As a brand, we're always striving to do more than our bit for our planet. We've been enjoying the outdoors since we were children, running around in the woods, climbing hills and jumping in puddles. 

Check out our sustainability page which highlights how we're playing our part and what we do to sustain those childhood memories for our future generations. 

Our Journey to improve the market in a better way is always ongoing, but we're just getting started. Here are a few of our proudest moments so far:  

Becoming B Corp was a massive moment for us - We joined a global movement of like-minded businesses who are pushing for real change. 

We teamed up with the ReTribe team to re-use any canvas bound for landfill. Our products are re-worked into new ideas, breathing fresh life into well-used and weary fabrics. 

We reimagined tent canvas, using 98% recycled polyester to create OLTECH REPRO, a material that utilises 8 plastic bottles per square metre to reduce plastic waste. 

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