4-6 Person Tent


Looking for a Mid-Sized Tent?

Our 4, 5 and 6 man tents are ideal for taking your friends and family camping in the great outdoors.  All of OLPRO’s products are designed to help our customers enjoy their camping experience, with high quality tents that stand out. That’s why we offer a multitude of colours, styles and sizes so you're able to find the 4-,5- or 6 man tent that delivers everything you need for your camping holiday.


4 Man Tents 

To make setting up your campsite easy, we offer an inflatable four-man tent with everything your family could ever need. With a range of unique features, including tinted roof skylights and extra-large windows, the 4 berth inflatable tent by OLPRO provides five inflatable beams which provide extra security.


5 and 6 Man Tents 

If you’re going camping with a large family or group of friends, you’ll need to ensure that there’s plenty of room for everyone in the tent. Our large 5- and 6-man tents allow everyone to sleep comfortably if travelling with a large group. If you’ve got a smaller family you can use the additional space for a living area, allowing you to create a homely experience wherever you’re camping. 


Buy 4, 5 & 6 Man Tents Online


If you’re looking for some additional help in packing or setting up your tents we’ve got a great range of ‘how to' videos to help you get started. Are you worried about misplacing the instructions and not being able to set the tent up? Don’t worry! All our instructions are available on the website as well.

Need more room in your 4- ,5- or 6-man tent? We offer more storage space in the form of tent extensions for some of our Poled Tents. We also offer a range of accessories to go with your tent such as Carpets and Footprint Groundsheets.


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