B Corporation Certified│Sustainable Business

B Corporation Certified│Sustainable Business

Since day one, our core principles have always been focused on protecting our customers, our products and our environment. In 2023, we went through the rigourous certification process and are proud to be one of only a handful of British camping manufacturers to become certified as a B Corporation.


Below is a breakdown of the scores we received during the assessment.  

We're certified but we're not stopping there! As a brand, we are always looking for ways in which we can improve our processes. Since certification in May 2023, we've already made some big changes to our supply chain which are aimed at improving our products. Ranging from looking at the materials they're made from, how we can make them more environmental to looking at how we deal with post consumer waste. 

We've introduced OLTECH REPRO - Tent canvas made up of recycled plastic bottles - helping to reduce our impact and cutting down on the use of virgin polyesters across our tents and awnings. 


We've also joined up with the Retribe team - A Sheffield based company who are creating a circular economy. We're donating canvas which can't be re-used on our pre-loved programme to their warehouse - Where it gets stripped down and re-made into a range of products suitable for the outdoors. 

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