Toilet & Utility Tents


A pop-up toilet tent is one of the most important things you take with you when you’re camping as it has a wide variety of uses. Take one with you on your trip for an easy-to-pitch, fantastic toilet tent, shower tent or storage tent. They are ideal for maintaining personal hygiene, especially when some campsite facilities have been closed due to the pandemic. You can even use them as a changing room for outside events.

Our online range includes the OLPRO Beach Hut pop up tent, which provides a unique 2m x 2m and 2m tall beach shelter, leaving you with plenty of room. With its easy pop up design, it can be set up anywhere giving you plenty of room on any beach, park or even in your back garden. It is UV +35 and waterproof for your convenience.

Our pop-up toilet tents are highly versatile

It's easy to overlook how useful these pop-up utility tents can be. A lot of people like to use these privacy tents to store outdoor games and equipment rather than their standard use as a toilet or shower. What’s more, our pop up utility tents are frequently sold to people who motorcross at the weekend or go to horse or dog trials. Again, they are used for changing as opposed to toilets, but all are equally viable options. Buy pop-up privacy tents from OLPRO

Buy pop-up toilet tents online

The reason you get superior quality products from OLPRO for such great value is because we sell direct to you. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team if you need help choosing a pop-up shower & toilet utility tent. Our team consists of outdoor and camping experts who are always happy to help with any queries or concerns you may have. OLPRO have been designing and producing top quality camping and camper van equipment since 2011 so we’re definitely the experts when it comes to utility tents.

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