Will this Awning Fit My Campervan?

Will this Awning Fit My Campervan?

Please see below for list of Campervans and vehicles OLPRO Breeze awnings will fit.

All of our awnings with fit most vehicles between a height of 190cm and 250cm.

For vehicles that are Taller than 250cm, We have designed awnings with slighter longer tunnels that will reach up to 290cm.

Loopo Breeze XL

Cocoon Breeze XL


How to attach the Awning to your campervan:

I have an awning rail:

If you have an awning rail on your van, the beading on our awnings will fit straight into the rail. If you wish to disconnect and re connect your awning from your van regularly, it is recommended to use a drive away kit to make this process easier. Our awnings have a 6mm beading which fit straight into the standard 6mm awning rail. This will also fit Reimo Multi Rails as well as the majority C rails. 

6mm - 6mm Drive Away Kit

I have a gutter rail: 

If you have a gutter rail on your van, You can use a Figure of Eight to clip onto this, and slide the beading on the tunnel into the other side of the attachment.

Figure of Eight

I do not have a rail: 

If your campervan does not have either of these, there are straps included which go over the top of the vehicle, either side of a pop-up roof if you have one, and peg down the other side.

The width of the tunnels on our awnings vary, so please check the length of your van to make sure it will fit.

I have a wind out Awning/Canopy:

If you have a wind-out awning or canopy on your van such as a Fiamma,Thule or Omnistore, you will be able to attach our awnings to the channel found in the front of the casing. (You may need to wind the awning out slightly to find this).

If you are using the wind out Awning/Canopy to attach the awning, You will need a 4mm-6mm drive away kit as the beading on our awnings are 6mm.

4mm - 6mm Drive Away Kit.

Will this awning fit my campervan?

Below is a list of vans that OLPRO Awnings will fit. This list is not exhaustive, so if you do not see the make or model of you vehicle here, please contact us using the online chat or send us an email.


  • T2

  • T25

  • T3

  • T4

  • T5

  • T6

  • Caddy

  • Caddymaxi

  • California

  • Caravelle

  • Crafter

  • LT

  • Transporter


  • Berlingo

  • Dispatch

  • Nemo

  • Relay


  • Doblo

  • Ducato

  • Scudo

  • Talento


  • Grand Touneo Connect

  • Transit


  • Daily


  • Bongo


  • Citan

  • Sprinter

  • Traveliner

  • Vario

  • Vito


  • Interstar

  • NV200

  • NV300

  • NV400

  • Primastar


  • Boxer

  • Expert


  • Master

  • Trafic


  • Hi-Ace

  • Proace


  • Arena

  • Movano

  • Nova

  • Vivaro


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