Introducing the TERRAGRIP™ System: Ultimate Stability and Control for Your Outdoor Adventures


At OLPRO, we're always looking to enhance your outdoor experience, and our new patent pending TERRAGRIP™ system is a game-changer for anyone who loves camping. Born from the need to improve the performance of flysheets, TERRAGRIP™ is designed to give you more control over your tent or awning, ensuring it stays secure and taut, no matter the weather or terrain.

Key Features:

Enhanced Stability in Adverse Weather:


With the increase in unusual weather conditions in the UK, we understand the importance of a sturdy and reliable shelter. TERRAGRIP™ provides additional pegging points around the entire perimeter of your tent or awning. This means you can secure your flysheet in multiple places, adapting to windy conditions and reducing the risk of damage to your poles or beams. Please note that in extremely severe weather, it's crucial to use common sense when deciding whether to set up or take down your tent or awning.

Customisable Pegging Points:


Traditional tents have fixed structural pegging points that can leave your flysheet sagging depending on the terrain and weather. With TERRAGRIP™, you have the flexibility to choose where you peg down your flysheet, allowing for a tighter, more secure setup and ensuring the terrain doesn’t dictate your outcome. This versatility ensures that your flysheet remains taut, enhancing water runoff and preventing pooling.

Easy Setup and Adjustment:


The TERRAGRIP™ system uses an innovative, patent pending elastic cord and tensioning loop mechanism. Simply peg out the elastic cord, tension it with a peg, and insert additional pegs around the tent/awning to maintain the desired tension. This easy-to-use system helps you angle your flysheet properly, ironing out creases and preventing water ingress through seams or fabric.


Protect Your Investment:


By keeping your flysheet taut and secure, TERRAGRIP™ not only improves your tent's performance in bad weather but also extends its lifespan. Less movement means less wear and tear on the fabric and structural components, so you can enjoy your OLPRO products for many seasons to come.

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