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How To Become an Affiliate

How To Become an Affiliate



How the affiliate programme works: 

If you have a website with users who are interested in camping and the outdoors, then our affiliate program is perfect for you. You will need to place an OLPRO banner or text link on your site. When your website users click-on the banner or text they will be re-directed to If a user from your site then buys online at OLPRO, you will earn a commission on the sale.

Even if you simply place a link on your website to, OLPRO’s online shop, you can earn commission on referred sales.

Each affiliate has a code embedded in the affiliate link supplied by AWIN which will trace the referral and calculate the commission earned. Best of all, it doesn't cost you anything.


Reasons to sign up to our affiliate programme:

- High commission rates on every sale you make
- Affiliate program supported by extensive offline and online media spend
- Fantastic range of products
- Free shipping for all customers
- Friendly multi-lingual customer service team
- Thousands of top customer reviews
- Excellent customer conversion rates


How to sign up to the OLPRO affiliate programme:

To sign up to OLPRO’s UK affiliate programme, visit our AWIN programme here.


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