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7-8 Person Tent


Looking for a Large Tent?

Our 7 & 8 man tents are perfect for taking your friends and family camping. Our range of tents, like all of OLPRO’s products, are designed to help you create the most enjoyable camping experience. We aren’t just focused on practicalities though. All of our tents are destined to stand out and come in a variety of colours, styles and sizes. This means that you’ll be able to find a 7- or 8-man tent that will meet your needs.


The Wichenford Breeze - 8 Man Tent

The Wichenford Breeze is the largest tent that we offer. It’s designed for large families or big groups of friends. Inside there are two bedroom inner tents, a large open area and an area with a divider to create two small bedrooms. The Wichenford Breeze also offers a living space with room for a table in the middle. 


Need extra help choosing a tent? 

If you need additional help in packing or setting up your tents we offer a range of videos that will help you get started. We also have all our instructions available on the website as well.

Looking to create some additional room in your tent? We offer more storage space in the form of tent extensions for some of our Poled Tents. We also offer a range of accessories to go with your tent such as Carpets and Footprint Groundsheets.


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