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Pre-Loved │Quality Assured 2nd Hand Products

Pre-Loved │Quality Assured 2nd Hand Products

Our pre-loved programme has been set up to reduce the amount of product waste that would usually find it's way to landfill. We're giving these products a second chance at making more memories by repairing, replacing and reinvigorating our canvas, poles and other components, so that you can have a massive saving whilst still getting that OLPRO product you've been waiting for. 


Shopping pre-loved gives good qualty products that are returned back to us a new lease of life. It helps prevent the volume of waste that ends up in landfill prematurely.


We will also plant a tree for every tent or awning sold through our pre-loved programme, as part of our OLPRO plant a tree project.  

All pre-loved items are quality checked by our team to ensure that you have a product that's as close to new as it can be. 

At the end of a product's life - We aim to recycle as much of the tent as possible. Poles, beams, and any other salvagable components. Anything that can't be re-sold, will be sent to our partners over at Retribe who will take the canvas, and re-invent the fabrics into fresh ideas. 

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