Tent Extensions


Enhance your OLPRO Tent

Get quality tent extensions and tent canopies from OLPRO if you’d like a little more space in your tent. Tent extensions and porches are a fantastic way to make a smaller weekend tent bigger for longer camping holidays. In fact, a tent porch and canopy extension may be the answer to your ever-growing collection of camping equipment and luggage. Our large family tents will have a specific enclosed porch, tent extension or canopy that you can add if you need more room.


Which Extension Should I Buy? 

Take care when buying a tent canopy extension or porch to make sure that you get the right product that you need. Most tents have a matching extension or porch that needs to fit a certain shape and size, therefore it is vital that you check cross-compatibility. Within our range, you will find tent extensions that are compatible with our Abberley tents, our Martley tents and our Winchenford tents. 

To fit the tent extension, simply attach using a strap that goes over the top of the tent and pegs down the other side. If you find yourself in a situation where you can no longer find an extension that fits your tent, look for an extension that is about the same height as your tent. The fabric will help marry it up with your tent and will make sure that you can use a tent extension that isn’t designed for your model of tent.

Our extensions will work as tent canopies if you’re just looking for an outdoor space to enjoy the outdoors sheltered from the sun. 

Need extra help?

If you need help with packing or setting up your tent porch/extension, we offer a range ofvideos to help you get started. We also have all our instructions available for you to take a look at.

We also offer a range of accessories to go with your tents such as Carpets and Footprint Groundsheets.


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