Family Tents


Embrace Adventure with a Family Tent

As camping gets more and more popular across the UK, many families are turning to family tents as a cheap and effective way to get away from home for vacation. To ensure you’re creating great family memories, you need to ensure that your new family tent is both resilient and comfortable. 

We stock some of the best camping tents on the market.  Whether you’re heading out for a week long get away or just for a weekend, our family tents are designed to be easy to pitch and set up, comfortable to live in and they all come with plenty of room. You even have a porch space for storage and sewn in groundsheets for extra comfort. Our family tents come in 4 berth, and 8 berth versions, meaning it’s easy to find a family tent that’s best suited for the size of your family. 


Buy Family Tents Online

Shop family tents online today and get your camping gear at fantastic prices. If you need help assembling your tent, we’ve got a great range of ‘how to' videos to help you get started. Are you worried about misplacing the instructions and not being able to set the tent up? Don’t worry! All our instructions are available on the website as well.

Need more room in your tent? We offer more storage space in the form of tent extensions for some of our Poled Tents. We also offer a range of accessories to go with your family tent such as Carpets and Footprint Groundsheets.


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