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Ambassador Profile - ClanAdventures

Ambassador Profile - ClanAdventures

"We are an adventure loving family with 4 boys and 2 dogs; 2 grown up boys doing their own festivals and 2 still on the road with us!

We travel and camp in our campervan all over the UK and this year hopefully back to Europe. Vanlife has given us a real sense of freedom – it is as much about the journey as the destination! In summer we do a bigger trips, and fill half terms and weekends with smaller trips and adventures. Nothing beats being outdoors at one with nature, filling our lungs with fresh air, hiking, bird watching or kayaking. We are lucky to live near a large forest and spend lighter evenings after work/school restoring balance by walking the dogs through heath and woodland.  At night we love to sit around the fire pit and star gaze. We try to live by a motto of collecting memories, not things – although we do collect a lot of camping and outdoor things!"

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