15 Outdoor activities that you HAVE to add to your camping bucket list!

If you're looking for some ideas on how to spice up your camping trips and push the boat out, here are plenty of ideas for you to take your pick from!

  1. Have a cook-off. You can take it in turns throughout the day to cook each meal to see who can cook the best campfire meal! If you wanted to make it a bit more competitive you could all take a turn each day to cook a three course meal at the time of your choosing! Get the kids involved with creating menus too!
  2. Go to a surf competition. Whether you're entering or just watching this can be really fun to watch, if you don't live near a beach this can be an especially nice change for you! Plus you can make lots of new friends there too!
  3. Read a book in nature. Have you ever wanted to feel like you're in a movie? This will definitely make you feel like that, just pretend there's a camera behind you filming and now you're a superstar! There is more to this activity than just feeling like you are in a movie though. You can relax by reading your book sitting on the grass, a bench or even up a tree while the birds sing, you could even take a blanket to snuggle up with!
  4. Put up a hammock where you have a good view and just relax. 
  5. Meditate or do yoga in nature. No matter what, the best feeling when camping is waking up before anyone else is up and meditating out in the open. Whether you do this just outside on your camping pitch or if you go for a hike to find a spot with a great view, you will instantly feel so much better!
  6. Camp on the beach. Who doesn't want a night on the beach? This is a trip that you will always remember, you can make this trip special by making s'mores, telling stories, writing your names in the sand and so much more! Remember to always check if a beach allows you to camp and never take a risk with the tide. If you can't find any information about camping on the beach and you aren't sure how far the tide comes in ask a few local people for advice! If you're looking for a great tent for camping on the beach, check out the OLPRO Pop Tent by clicking here!
  7. Stargaze and look for star constellations. You can bring a star chart with you which is a map of the stars and tells you the names of each constellation. You can also bring a telescope or binoculars with you to make it more exciting.
  8. Go water skiing. This activity requires good core strength and balance, however, if you're just a beginner this can be really fun to try out and do with your friends to get your adrenaline pumping.
  9. Learn some survival skills. This can be fun to learn and also may come in handy for you one day too! You can learn things like creating potable water, starting a fire, setting up a shelter and so much more! You could take a class in this, watch YouTube or even sign up for a survival school!
  10. Ride a Jet ski. This can be fun for all the family and gives you an adrenaline rush without being plunged into the water!
  11. Soak in a hot spring. This is great to help you unwind when camping, it's especially good for sore muscles and improves your blood flow too!
  12. Go to a festival. Whether you prefer a family friendly festival or prefer a more niche festival, there are plenty of festivals to choose from and this is something you have to try at least once in your life!
  13. Find a four-leaf Clover. This might sound easy however, four-leaf clovers are very rare and a lot harder to find than three-leaf clovers. Another plus is the fact that four-leaf clovers are said to bring you good luck!
  14. Go bungee jumping. This might not be for everyone, however, if you're not afraid of heights or think you can manage this then this will definitely be something to tick off on your camping bucket list.
  15. Try hang gliding. This is great for an adrenaline rush but also an amazing thing to do to see all the views from way up high! A hang glider is not controlled by a motor so you control the movement of the glider with your body!

If you try these ideas out make sure to send us your photos or tag us in them! We can't wait to see what you get up to!

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