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2021 New Years Resolutions with OLPRO

It’s that time of year to start making New Years Resolutions for 2021! We have some amazing ideas on what you could do as one of your 2021 New Years Resolutions that include some amazing OLPRO products to help you along the way.


Our OLPRO 2021 Calendar is perfect if you want to be more organised during 2021. It’s filled with amazing photos from the OLPRO community featuring sweeping views of the Swiss Alps, the beautiful scenery of the German woodlands and the charming surroundings of British countryside gardens. All profits from the sale of this calendar will be donated to Make-A-Wish UK.

Our calendar is perfect to help you keep organised, buy yours today for just £7 GBP today!


Wanting to improve your health and wellness? Going for regular walks is the perfect New Year Resolution to start 2021. Going for walks is proven to improve your mental and physical wellbeing and you get to enjoy the amazing views that nature has to offer.

Whilst you may not be equipped to begin your walking in the winter months, we have a range of wellingtons that you can purchase to help keep you dry on your winter walks.

You can purchase you Wellingtons on our website today!

Fresh Air

If you want to get more fresh air in 2021 then going for a picnic sounds pretty good! We love to enjoy a nice picnic in the park or on the campsite with our friends and family as it is the perfect day out to enjoy on a nice spring day!

Our Matio Picnic Rug is perfect for taking with you on your picnics and is super easy to fold away once you are done. Get yours today on our website for just £15 GBP today!


Want to start going on some camping adventures? Most people don't get enough time away to enjoy their weekends and camping is a fun way to begin your regular weekends away so you can visit new places and experience more of what nature has to offer. Or if going away isn't ideal for you, why not try camping in your garden? It's super fun and easy and you cancel out all the travel!

We have the amazing OLPRO POP tents which are perfect for on the go and quick weekends away. Our POP tents are incredibly easy to pop up and down taking an average time of 1 minute which makes it perfect for those who want an easy experience.

You can get your OLPRO POP tent on our website today!

Days Out

With the year we have had it is important to get back in touch with your friends and family, and as it starts to get warmer, a day out with your friends and family is a perfect way to spend your weekends. A perfect way to spend time socialising is a day at the beach or hiking. We think going to the beach is something enjoyable for everyone and is something we should all do more often to enjoy the seaside and what our UK beaches have to offer. Although if sand isn't your kind of thing, why not try hiking? We love going to our local Malvern Hills for a long day out with friends and family.

However, when going to the beach you might like some privacy or something to protect you from the wind. We have some amazing windbreakers that are perfect for setting up your area on the beach and for that little bit extra privacy.

Get your windbreak on our website today!

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