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5 Ways to Use a Pop Tent

Our handy pop tents are great for camping adventures, but they have more uses than just sleeping. Below we have detailed 5 of the best and most useful ways to use your pop tents.

Movie Den:

If you want a comfy, cosy movie night, we have a fabulous idea incorporating our pop tent! Put your tent up in front of your TV or projector screen and fill it with all the things to make it comfy! An air bed, blankets, pillows, etc, and then drape fairy lights over your tent to make it feel cosy. Pop to the shop and choose your favourite snacks and make a little platter to enjoy. Pick your favourite film, turn off the lights and then sit back and relax in your pop tent.


If you’re heading out on a picnic, our pop tents are a fabulous option to help keep the bugs off your food and to store your items. If you plan on spending the day out and just need somewhere to store your belongings, our pop tents are perfect, with a put-up time of just 2 minutes. Their compact design won’t add any inconvenience either if you’re walking a bit of a distance to your picnic location. They’re also great if you’re heading out on your picnic with children who still need naps, meaning you won’t have to leave early to fit in nap time.

Beach Day:

Beach days are the perfect opportunity to whip your pop tent out! Not only are they fabulous to add a bit of sun protection for children and pets, but they are also incredibly convenient for storage and changing. We’ve all been to the beach and felt a bit nervous leaving our belongings behind whilst we go for a swim in the sea, but with our Pop tent you are afforded that extra bit of security. They are also great for changing out of your wet swimwear and back into your regular clothes. Much like picnic days out, they are convenient if you have a child that still takes naps, as they can have a comfortable, cosy sleep whilst you continue to enjoy your beach day.

Ball Pit:

If you have a toddler or child who loves the ball pit at the play area, our pop tents can give you one at home! Simply buy some ball pit balls and fill the bottom layer of the tent, and your little one will have fun for hours!

Kids Den:

Everyone knows the fun of making a den as a kid, laying blankets across tables, and padding them out with pillows! Our pop tents are an easy alternative to this! With a pop-up time of just 2 minutes, you can simply put them up in the garden or in the house and fill them with blankets to create a cosy feel! You can even drape a blanket over the front of the tent and over your table to still give it that nostalgic den-making feel.

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