52.9% Say Burgers are the best part of a BBQ

With the warmer weather, lots of you will have been going on some outdoor adventures and having some fun in the sun in your gardens. In the UK, the first sight of sun means you have to have a BBQ and because we seem to be experiencing quite a heatwave, there’s plenty of opportunities for a BBQ. We asked you what the best part of BBQ meal was and the results were the best we have had yet!


52.9% of you chose burgers as the best part of your BBQ which we couldn’t agree more with! Burgers are a must when having a BBQ and there are plenty of varieties of a burger that will cater to everyone’s food preferences! You can also dress up your BBQ burgers with a healthy salad or some tasty treats such as BBQ cooked chips!

Grilled Halloumi

The results for Grilled Halloumi were quite surprising as 31.4% of you said that it was the best part of your BBQ meal! Grilled Halloumi is a great addition to any burger or hot dog and tastes pretty amazing when cooked on your BBQ.

If you haven’t tried Grilled Halloumi as part of your BBQ meal then you should! You can cook it to be an addition to your Burgers and hot dogs or you can create your own Halloumi sticks or fries as a side to the rest of your tasty BBQ food.

Hot Dogs & Skewers

What we found so surprising is that only 7.8% of you think that hot dogs are the best part of your BBQ meal and only 7.8% of you think that skewers are the best part. Whilst we know that hot dogs might not be as exciting as a good burger, they’re still pretty darn tasty and there are lots of alternatives to meat that will suit a variety of people dependent on their food preferences.

Skewers are also a pretty good addition to every BBQ. They’re great for having on the side of your main BBQ food and are also a great way for you to make your own! You can make skewers that have a range of food on, from meat to vegetables, and you can then top them with a whichever seasoning you like! If you’re planning on having any BBQ gathering this year, skewers are great for sharing and getting everyone ready for the burgers and hot dogs!

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