Advantages to Different Pegs

Whenever you order your tent or awning with OLPRO, you’ll be provided with some shiny new pegs. However, depending on where you are camping or the kind of conditions you are camping in, you may actually find that you want to use different kinds of pegs to suit your surroundings. So we’ve put together this blog to help you understand the uses of different pegs, so you’re prepared for your camping trips.

Standard Pegs

When purchasing your tents or awnings, you’ll get the standard metal pegs in your kit. These pegs are great in normal conditions such as hard ground or grass. However, it’s always good practice to check the conditions of your campsite or area of where you’ll set up, in case you want to take other specialist pegs to pitch up with.

Glow in the Dark Camping Pegs

Glow in the dark camping pegs are great for those of you who want to ensure you don’t fall or trip over your guy ropes. These pegs come with a strong and durable plastic hook that glows in the dark and is visible at night. These pegs are suitable for hard ground or grass but not for concrete pitches.

Steel V Pegs

Steel V pegs are great pegs for a secure hold in soft or water-logged ground. Steel V Pegs are durable and incredibly strong and are great for those of who who may be wild camping or pitching up by water.

Alloy Y Pegs

Alloy Y Pegs are great for those of you who are wild camping or hiking and need some lightweight pegs to carry with you. These pegs are great as spares or to replace heavier pegs you may be carrying with you. You can use these pegs in most ground conditions such as hard ground and grass but not on concrete pitches.

Peg Accessories

To keep your pegs in great condition, you should always use a mallet when pitching up your tent or awning. This will help to ensure that you don’t damage or bend your pegs. We would also recommend using a peg puller to remove your pegs from the ground as it might be hard for you to pull your pegs up, but using a peg puller will save you time as well as any discomfort to your hands. Finally we would recommend getting a peg bag to store all of your pegs and to ensure that you don’t lose them or misplace them. 

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