Camping New Years Resolutions 2023

Posted by Victoria Wilkes on 21st Dec 2022

Camping New Years Resolutions 2023

2023 is almost here, and that means, it’s time to make some New Years’ Resolutions. It’s always hard picking New Years’ Resolutions and even harder to choose ones we’ll actually stick to. But maybe this is our year where we’ll pick some really great ones that we don’t just stick to for a month, but that we carry out all year round. We’ve put some together which we think are great for getting you in a great mind space as well as keeping you active, healthy and happy.


With so many benefits, it’s a perfect resolution for 2023. Some of the common benefits of hiking are: 

• Stronger bones - Going on a walk helps maintain healthy joints and even helps prevent osteoporosis. Just the act of being outside increases your vitamin D intake which is incredibly important for the health of your bones. 

• Good for your heart - Gentle exercise such as walking helps get your heart pumping, whilst not being too strenuous.

• Good for your mental health- According to mental health charity ‘Mind’ Spending time in green spaces can benefit your mental health. Some mental benefits of getting outdoors include Improving your mood, reducing feelings of stress or anger, helping you take time out and feel more relaxed, improving your physical health, improving your confidence and self-esteem, helping you be more active, and reducing loneliness.

Explore somewhere new

If you’re camping and hiking trips always take you to the same location, why not set yourself the goal to branch off and explore new places? With 15 national parks in the UK, there’s always somewhere new to explore. There are several websites you can explore to find new hiking and camping locations. We recommend the ‘all trails’ app and website to find new and exciting routes near you. For finding fabulous camping spots and sites, we recommend ‘Pitchup’.

Give 4 season camping a go

Why limit yourself to just camping in the Summer? With some of the most beautiful months taking place in spring, autumn, and winter, don’t let the weather stop you from exploring. For tips on winter-proofing your van, check out our blog post on tips for van life in winter.

Capture moments

Why not set yourself the goal of getting into photography? Photography is a wonderful skill to have, especially if you already love camping or hiking. Here are some of our tips for getting into photography: 

• Get a good camera. A good camera makes all the difference when starting out in photography. You want something that takes good photos but is also easy to use, you don’t want to be faffing around with loads of settings as a beginner. Here we have linked an article that details the best digital cameras for beginners. 

• Do some research on composition - Composition is how a photographer arranges elements within their images in a visually pleasing way. Understanding composition is an important skill to have if you want to take good, appealing photos. It’s fairly easy to grasp and can be researched easily on the internet, making it a good place to start when getting into photography. 

• Have fun- Photography should be fun and shouldn’t feel like a chore!

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