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Celebrating 10 Years of OLPRO

To celebrate 2021 being OLPRO's 10th year in business, we've launched a short series of videos on YouTube where our Founder, Daniel Walton, talks about OLPRO's evolution as an outdoor specialist.


In the 10 Years of OLPRO video series, Daniel covers the following topics:

Episode 1 - An overview of the years of OLPRO

Episode 2 - Customer Service

Episode 3 - Favourite products over the years

Episode 4 - Loan & Go

Episode 5 - How OLPRO Stands Out

Episode 6 - The growing popularity of staycations

Episode 7 - The Future of OLPRO

Episode 8 - What it's like working at OLPRO

Episode 9 - OLPRO's worldwide shipping

We'll be featuring a Q&A video every week on social media.

OLPRO is also celebrating its 10th year in business by beginning its tree-planting initiative. For every tent and awning sold during 2021, OLPRO will be planting one tree, helping to protect and enhance the beautiful nature that everybody in the OLPRO community enjoys.

To subscribe to OLPRO's official YouTube channel, click the link here.

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