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Go camping and you need a fair few essentials to make outdoor living comfortable. You can go camping with the bare essentials of course or invest in a wide range of equipment if you want to enjoy a variety of trips in the future. One thing is for sure, you’ll need to prepare food at some point when you go camping and require plates and dishes to eat your meals from. So this blog examines melamine sets and gives you tips on how to pick the perfect campsite accessories.

How many plates do you need? Before you even start to look for melamine sets consider the amount of people that will be travelling in your party. Most are standard 16 piece sets and you get four dinner plates, four side plates, four dishes and four cups too. That’s great for the average family but if you have a larger family or like to entertain guests when you are camping look at buying a couple of sets and you’ll be fine.
Are they easy to clean? After a delicious meal you don’t want to spend ages at the washing up area on the campsite trying to remove grease and grime. Pick melamine sets that are easy to clean and you’ll be washed, dried and ready to relax after your meal in record breaking time.

Are they hard to break? Speaking of breaks, make sure you choose melamine sets that are renowned for their hard-wearing nature. They should be tough enough to cope with numerous camping trips and be able to survive the odd drop on the floor.
Do they look good? Finally the look of melamine sets is important if you want the best looking plates on the campsite. Choose a set that has a quality print like the Berrow Hill range we sell at OLPRO and you’ll certainly stand out from the crowd!

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