Family Camping Activities For All Ages!

Do you love camping but struggle to find activities to do with the family? This article's for you! Read on to get lots of great ideas on how to break your boredom!

Rainy day? Not to worry, here's some ideas for activities that are perfect for those rainy days!

  • Break out the board games - Brighten the mood by cracking out a game of Monopoly, Ludo or even a game of Cluedo!
  • Tell stories - At night you can tell ghost stories or in the day you can all try and come up with stories to tell each other.
  • Play the alphabet game - this is where you find objects that start with each letter of the alphabet.
  • Play Charades - This is where you guess a word, phrase or name that another player is acting.
  • Do some bird watching - You can use the RSPB website to identify birds.
  • Do some nature sketches - Even when it's raining nature still looks beautiful! You could even get the kids more involved by having a sketch competition!
  • Do some crafts - You could decorate a rock or a stick, make stick figures, make leaf rubbings, create leaf jewellery, make nature bookmarks, make friendship bracelets, the list of crafts you could make while camping is endless!
  • Practice knot tying skills - You can find a variety of knots to try on the Animated Knots website! They also have videos to show you how to do this too!
  • Read a book

Perfect weather! But what to do with it?

  • Go for a hike - Try to do some research on the area before leaving for your trip to get a good idea of the best places to hike for you!
  • Make S'mores - This is a perfect activity for all ages as you can all go and collect wood to put onto the fire and of course enjoy your campfire conversations, play some music and enjoy your tasty S'mores.
  • Play Ball - This is perfect if you have younger children as this can keep them entertained for hours! If you are planning on going to the beach as well it's light and will easily fit into a backpack.
  • Try surfing - If you're going near the beach why not check if there's a surf school nearby? This provides entertainment for everyone and you never know, you may pick up a new hobby!
  • Go Horse Riding - This is also something you might want to look into researching before your trip to see if there is anywhere local to where you're staying to go horse riding, they may also require bookings in advance.
  • Play Tag or Hide-and-Seek - This is a game for everyone with younger children. This can also keep children entertained for hours, especially with a new environment to explore new hiding spots.
  • Do some nature photography - If you prefer a more quiet, relaxing activity this is perfect to get in touch with nature and capture some memories!
  • Do some stargazing and use a telescope at night - This is a more relaxing activity to help you unwind on your holiday. OLPRO also has the perfect tent for stargazing so you can do this wrapped up in your cosy sleeping bag! Click here to view the Orion 6 Berth Tent!

With all these activities to pick from hopefully you've found one perfect for you! Make sure to check out our other blogs on the OLPRO website for tips on camping, campervanning and caravanning.

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