OLPRO Discounts, Discounts & More Discounts!

Posted by Ben Deakin on 12th Jul 2022

OLPRO Discounts, Discounts & More Discounts!

Everyone loves a good deal!

Our research shows that people are always on the hunt for the best OLPRO discount codes. After all, tentsawnings can be a big investment, so every little helps!

We have a variety of different discounts available. Some of which have specific requirements & some that are available to everyone! Here's a quick break down of just some of the available options in this blog & hopefully you’ll find one to suit you!

Emergency Services, NHS & Military Discounts

Let’s start with the Blue Light Worker discount. Our emergency services/NHS 10% discount is validated through the “Blue Light Card” system offered at A Blue Light Card provides those in the NHS, emergency services, the social care sector & armed forces with discounts online and in-store. Blue Light Card also works with small and large companies across the UK, so if you are part of that community, it is worth signing up!

Student Discounts through TOTUM

Our next audience-specific discount is our student discount available through TOTUM. A TOTUM membership gives you access to hundreds of student discounts and deals on everything from eating out and fashion to technology, travel & daily essentials. So, if you are part of that community, it is worth signing up! Join TOTUM here.

OLPRO Monthly Newsletters & Competitions

We post a monthly newsletter that gives you access to an exclusive 10% discount, as well as features on new releases, OLPRO news and even £100 gift card competitions! Subscribe To Our Newsletter!

OLPRO Quizzes & Product Finders

We also run customer quizzes; they are designed to not only be a bit of fun but improve your experience as a customer. Helping you to determine which of our products suits your needs & ultimately offering you a 10% discount upon completion! You can find both of our quizzes here: What Camping Product are You? & OLPRO Product Finder!

Maximising Your Discounts & Savings!

Our 2022 Summer Sale is also in full swing! You can combine any of these discount codes with the sale price to access even lower prices! The sale has items from all over the store & is constantly being updated with new products & further reductions! So be sure to check it out regularly so you don't miss out! You can see what's been added here

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