OLPRO's Campervan Awning Packages

Posted by Victoria Wilkes on 19th Jan 2023

OLPRO's Campervan Awning Packages

Interested in ordering a new awning for your vehicle? We’ve got a wide range of awning packages available on our website, giving you the ultimate experience. What’s included in our awning packages, you may ask? Well, our packages include the awning of your choice, a carpet (fit to awning size) to give you a more comfortable experience and a footprint groundsheet to protect the sewn-in groundsheet of the awning from getting any rips or tears. Our Campervan Awning packages are a fabulous option if you want to have the ultimate awning experience! In this blog, we’ll be detailing our favourite awning packages…

The Hive Campervan Side Awning Package:

The Hive Poled Awning is the dream camper van awning if you want some extra living and sleeping space. The awning even has skylights, allowing natural light to reach all corners of the tent. The extra-large sleeping pod has enough room to fit a double air bed and can be removed to create extra living space. The Carpet and Groundsheet are designed to perfectly fit the unique hexagonal shape of the Hive and give the awning a real home away from home feel.

The Hive Breeze Campervan Side Awning Package:

Just like our Hive Poled Campervan awning, the Hive Breeze has a distinctive hexagonal shape with a sleeping pod off the side. The only difference is, this Awning is inflatable. Just pop the pump onto the air beams and pump away, you will have your awning up and ready to go in 20 minutes. The package includes the Awning, a Carpet and Groundsheet, that perfectly fits the hexagonal shape.

Loopo Breeze Campervan Side Awning Package:

Firstly, let’s tell you about the Loopo Breeze and then we’ll run down the different packages that we offer. The Loopo Breeze is one of our best-selling campervan awnings due to its simplicity and its perfect size. The tent is easy to put up due to its inflatable beams, taking an average of 10 minutes to erect. With a sewn-in groundsheet, the Loopo Breeze is perfect for adding extra living or sleeping space.

We offer a variety of packages for our Loopo Breeze Campervan Awning. You can choose between 4 colours; Blue and grey, orange and black, sage and chalk or lime and grey. You can then choose between two separate packages. The first package that we offer consists of the Awning, Carpet and Groundsheet.

Whilst all of our awnings come with a manual pump, we know some of you love an electric pump to inflate your awnings, they’re faster and can be a lot simpler to use for some people, which is why we’ve made a second type fo Loopo Breeze campervan Awning Package which consists of, the awning, a carpet, a footprint groundsheet, an inner tent and the OLPRO Electric Air Awning Pump. The electric pump is a dream to use as it helps prevent air beam over-inflation and subsequent bursting due to its pre-set pressure feature.

To take a look at our Loopo Breeze Awning Packages, click here.

WRAP Campervan Side Awning Package:

The WRAP Campervan Side Awning is the perfect awning tent for van. This groundbreaking and innovative awning wraps entirely around the one side of your campervan, making the most of the space on your camping pitch. The Awning comes with two removable inner sleeping compartments, giving you plenty of room to sleep up to 6 guests whilst not even compromising on living space. It really is a dream awning to have! The awning includes tinted skylights and four front door panels that can be removed, leaving the awning fully open.

To make the WRAP even homier, we made it into a package with its own carpet and footprint groundsheet giving you the ultimate camping experience to make it homier and protect your awning from any rips and tears.

Cubo Poled Campervan Side Awning Package:

Our Cubo Poled Campervan Awning is perfect for adding that little bit of extra living space. Within 25 minutes of arriving at your campsite, you can be all set-up and sat with a glass of wine or a cup of tea, ready to relax for the evening. What’s so great about the Cubo campervan Awning is that it’s a simple and easy-to-pitch campervan side awning. This bundle includes the Awning and a made-to-fit carpet and groundsheet.

Lunar Campervan side Awning Package:

Our Lunar Campervan Side Awning is a fabulous option for those of you who want a gorgeous view of the campsite. The Lunar acts more as a porch/living space where you can have tables and chairs for a lovely evening of eating and watching the sunset. What makes the Lunar so special is its ability for the window panels to be fully removed creating a total open canopy for your van. The Lunar campervan Awning is fully inflatable, giving it an impressive pitching time of 10 minutes. This package includes the Awning, carpet and Groundsheet.

Cubo Breeze Campervan Side Awning Package:

Much like the Cubo Poled Campervan Awning, the Cubo Breeze allows for adding that little bit of extra space to your camping set-up. Whilst it may be one of our small campervan awnings, it's big on how much additional space it can offer you whilst away on your trips. What makes the Breeze version different, is that it’s inflatable, but also comes in a range of different colours. You can choose between Sage and Chalk, Blue and Grey or Orange and Black. Due to the inflatable beams, the Awning can be pitched in just 10 minutes. The package includes the Awning, a Carpet and a Groundsheet.

Uno breeze Campervan Side Awning Package:

The Uno Breeze Campervan Awning is one of OLPRO's small campervan awnings, making it a great size to add that little bit of extra living space and storage. Perfect for having space for dining or even storing bikes, food or even a comfy little home for your pets! There are two large windows on either side, filling the awning with plenty of light. The package comes with the Awning, a carpet and a groundsheet.

Recommended Accessories:

Some additional accessories that we recommend for having the perfect ready-to-go set up, are tent pegs, a mallet and A Peg Puller. All these accessories will help make the set-up process smoother meaning that you’ll be sitting relaxing in your awning in no time.

For the Breeze Awnings, we recommend the same accessories as its poled counterpart, as well as one of our Electric pumps. These are great if you want to eliminate having to manually pump up your air beams. They’re also beneficial as they allow you to set the pressure, reducing the risk of overinflating and bursting your poles.

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