Outdoor Christmas Activities

Posted by Holly Walton on 6th Dec 2023

Outdoor Christmas Activities

Christmas is coming, one of the most wonderful times of the year! With the frosted trees and snowy paths, it’s the perfect time to get the family out and immersed in the great outdoors with Christmas activities for all ages. Check out some of our favourite ways to do just that below.

Make Christmas decorations using only the surrounding resources:

Everyone loves Christmas decorations, and there’s nothing quite like making your own with the family to get you into the Christmas Spirit and start a new family tradition. We recommend making your decorations from nature! The perfect way to bring a little bit of the outdoors inside this Winter is by foraging for the pieces you need to make the ultimate Christmas decoration.

You're looking for evergreen foliage, twigs, branches, berries, seed heads, colours, textures - anything that catches your eye. Using nature to attach the pieces is a bonus but using glue and constructing at home is also a great alternative.

The best way to sit down with the family and get making is with a hot chocolate and Christmas movie in the background, making it a fun and cosy activity to do whilst it’s cold outside.

Once you've finished making your decorations, it's time to display them, we'd recommend placing them in an easy to see spot as a tree decoration, or on the mantel piece.

Decorate an outdoor tree:

Decorating the Christmas tree is always a fun activity as we approach Christmas. But for some, having a ‘real’ Christmas tree can be quite a lot of maintenance, so why not take to decorating an outdoor tree without having to chop it down!

It's always nice to incorporate natural elements into decorations, so when decorating an outdoor tree, we’d recommend using decorations inspired by nature such as acorns, clementines, berries, gold leaves and pinecones.

It’s the perfect opportunity to get the kids out in the garden or the park looking for eye-catching and different-coloured items that’ll decorate the tree.

Go on a Christmas scavenger hunt:

If you’re looking for some Christmas activities to keep the kids occupied this Winter holiday, setting up your own Christmas themed Scavenger Hunt is a great idea to get them excited for Christmas or to keep the festivities running until New Year!

We suggest making some suggestion cards for the kids to read with sentences like:

  • Find something fluffy like Santa’s beard
  • Find something red like Rudolph’s nose
  • Find something green like an elf’s outfit

This is also an interchangeable activity depending on the season and would also work for Easter and Halloween.

Build a stick Christmas tree:

Another great activity for the festive season is making your very own rustic stick Christmas tree made from all the fallen twigs and sticks.

There are so many ways to create a stick Christmas tree, using sticks depending on how many you can find, their shape and size.

  1. You need 4 sticks, 2 must be similar lengths. The smallest will be the trunk on the tree and the other odd one out will be the bottom; the equal ones will go together at the top to form the tree. You can stick pom poms or stars as decorations, but if you are doing it in the garden or where wildlife is, use leaves as decorations so it's safe for birds to use for nests.
  2. You will need a few sticks, all different lengths. You place the longest at the bottom and go up putting the next smallest one above each other to make an upside-down V to form a Christmas tree shape. If the sticks are small, you could glue a string to the back and use it as a hanging decoration, then decorate your tree however you would like.
  3. You only need one stick, and different lengths of ribbon. Tie the ribbon along the tree starting with the shortest at the top and going down till you get to the biggest ribbon. You can also make a bow with your ribbon to put on top instead of the traditional star, to go with the ribbon theme.

We hope you enjoy your Christmas holidays and have a great time enjoying the great outdoors.

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