Poll - 50% Prefer Reading Books

We asked you last week on Twitter what would you prefer to take on your camping adventures? The results were pretty mixed and we love to get to know how you spend your camping adventures!

A Reading Book

50% of you said that you preferred to take a reading book with you on your camping adventures! It’s always nice to get away from the usual hustle and bustle and get to sit and relax and enjoy your holiday, and what better way to do this than to read that book you’ve had lying around for months!

We would recommend giving yourself some quality time to read a book whilst away on your camping adventures, as well as taking some for the kids to occupy their time with a book they’ll enjoy!

There are a range of benefits for reading books which can really help with your mental and physical health. Reading helps stimulate the brain and offers a sense of escapism for a lot of readers who can immerse themselves in a good plot! To find the perfect book, take yourself or your kids to a nice independent book store on your travels and make it a small adventure to pick out your chosen books!

A Portable Speaker & A Playing Ball

Results show that 25% of you preferred taking a portable speaker and 25% of you preferred to take a playing ball with you on your camping adventures! We love to pitch up our camping set up whilst listening to music as well as enjoying a ‘feel good’ playlist that we can associate with that special trip!

We recommend putting together a unique playlist before you go away camping, that way you’ll always treasure the playlist as containing memories for that specific holiday! It can really help lift your spirits in between camping trips and can also be a good way to find new music and share good music with your friends and family!

We know that for a lot of you, taking a playing ball is a great way for being active and it also provides light entertainment whilst on your camping adventures. You can spend time together as a family or with your friends playing football at your campsite, or playing beach ball on the beach or even just playing with your dogs!

A Pack of Cards

Results show that none of you would take a pack of cards away with you on your camping adventures. There’s a variety of games you can play with a pack of cards, but if you’re not a fan of cards you can take some fun board games with you that can be really good fun for spending quality time together as a family or with a group of friends!

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