Poll - 54.5% Prefer Seaside Camping

 With Summer truly here and camping trips booked and well underway, we asked you where you’d prefer to go camping by location and the results were pretty conclusive! With more of you voting than ever before we are able to see a variety of your favourite locations and we want to talk about them!

By the Seaside

With the most votes, 54.5% of you said you preferred camping by the seaside. With the seaside being a great holiday destination for many for either a long staycation or even a day out, you can’t really go wrong!

There are some great campsites by the seaside in some amazing locations which you can have a look at here. When camping by the seaside there’s lots to do, the obvious is visiting the beach where you can spend the day relaxing by the sea or going for a swim. You can always enjoy some tasty fish and chips down by the seaside, or even those quaint little souvenir shops that always contain some hidden gems that help you to remember your trip.

We would recommend going away to the seaside for your next camping trip as it’s a great way to enjoy the sun and the sea close to home.

In the Countryside

We all know how much you love to go camping in the countryside and it shows by 22.7% of you voting that you preferred camping in the countryside! There’s nothing like being around the peace and quiet and of course the stunning views. Camping in the countryside is perfect for your getaways, where you can escape the hustle and bustle of the towns and cities, giving you that calming respite you need.

There are some great campsites all over the UK that are countryside based which you can take a look at here.

On the Mountains

We found that 9.1% of you said you preferred camping on the mountains. Whilst it’s a small amount that chose this option, we would still highly recommend camping among the mountains. The amazing views you will see are simply breathtaking and it really is an experience of a lifetime.

When camping in the mountains, you really get a feel for the outdoors and being at one with nature. There’s lots of opportunities to go trekking and to completely shut off from the busy world.

Check out some mountain camping locations here.

In the Woods

13.6% of you voted that you preferred camping in the woods! Camping in the woods is quite an exciting adventure, where you can enjoy being surrounded by trees and nature. Camping in the woods is great for the kids as there are lots of woodland activities you can do on top of the activities provided by the campsite!

To check out some woodland camping websites click here

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