Poll - Swimming & Cycling are most popular

When going camping it’s always fun to get stuck into lots of activities that you may not usually do. We wanted to know which activities you preferred the most and you really gave a mixed results!

Swimming & Cycling

42.9% of you said you preferred swimming and 42.9% said you preferred cycling! Whilst on your camping holidays it can be a great experience for you and your family or friends to cycle round the new places you visit! Not only is it great for your health, it’s also fun and an amazing way of being sustainable on your camping adventures. If you have a camping trip planned this year, be sure to check out local cycling paths and see whether it’s easier to get about by bike rather than by car!

Swimming is a great way for you to unwind on your camping adventures. If you’re at a campsite or caravan park that has a pool, you can spend the day or evening relaxing by the pool with your family and friends and enjoying a nice swim! Swimming pools are also great for occupying the kids for a couple of hours, so be sure to always pack some swimwear!

Whilst swimming is not just exclusive to the pools, you can also go for a day out at the local beach and enjoy swimming in the sea on a nice warm day! We would recommend taking some fun seaside games with you so that you can enjoy your trip even more!

Going Fishing

We found that 14.3% of you preferred going fishing! Whilst camping can be all about exploring a new place, it’s also great for getting away and enjoying some fishing in a new place too! Fishing is good for those who want to enjoy some peace and quiet as well as teaching the kids a new skill!

Make sure that when you’re booking your camping adventures, you check out if there are any local fishing spots you can visit!

Rock Climbing

We found that rock climbing wasn’t so popular in this poll, with 0% votes. Whilst we love going swimming, cycling and fishing, rock climbing can also be a fun experience to try out with your friends and family. We recommend going indoor rock climbing if you run into some unexpected bad weather and you can’t enjoy exploring outside. Rock climbing is the perfect activity where you can have a lot of fun and pass time during bad weather spells!

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