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Receiving your OLPRO Tent or Awning!

After all of the endless lockdown purchases, the OLPRO team want to make sure you don't get caught out by the 30 Day Return Policy and the Warranty Policy! If you're a first-time camper or even an experienced camper, read on to make sure you don't miss out!

Firstly, when you receive your OLPRO product, take this out of the packaging it arrived in and make sure you get out the instructions sheet (located in the side pocket of the bag). Next, you will want to look through the list of equipment included, this is located just above the product instructions on this sheet. Make sure you also take the canvas out of the bag unroll this as poles, pumps and storm bars are likely to be rolled in there to keep them safe during transport.

After this, you will need to set up your tent/awning. This will also help you out when you go to use this product on your holidays, we all know that the first time putting your tent/awning up takes the most time! Make sure you do everything to set your product up start to finish, you will need to: Peg it down, use your storm straps, inflate your beams and storm bars, use all of your poles, unzip and re-zip all of your doors and windows, use your groundsheet and carpet if you have purchased these with your tent/awning as a package.

Most importantly, make sure you water test your new product! You can do this by using a hose or leaving your product out if it's meant to rain because there's nothing worse than have a perfectly great tent or awning that isn't waterproof.

OLPRO prides itself on quality products, however with all brands there can occasionally be an issue with a product that slips through the net! 

Lastly, you should ALWAYS make sure your tent is clean and dry before packing it away into the bag! If this isn't possible you should make sure that once you are home you set up your tent or awning again and leave it to completely air dry. If you don't make sure to do this it will damage the fabric and it's waterproofing! If you are returning your product to OLPRO make sure your product is completely clean and dry otherwise your product will be returned to you in the same condition and you won't be refunded.

If you do find any issues with your product outside of your 30 day return period and you're not too sure whether this is covered by your warranty or not, just check the OLPRO Warranty, Terms and Conditions page. If you're still not sure about this you can contact the OLPRO Customer Services team via e-mail to or via phone number on 01299 896959.

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