Tips for stress-free camping

Posted by Tori Wilkes on 3rd Mar 2023

Tips for stress-free camping

Getting out in nature is good for the soul, but let’s face it, there are times when camping can be stressful, especially as a new camper. If you’re new to the world of camping, give yourself time to settle in and find your feet, the first time isn’t going to be perfect. Below we have broken down our 8 top tips to take the stress out of your next camping adventure.

Find Campsites Close to Home

You don’t have to go far to find a beautiful campsite. Staying local can help reduce the stress of having to find things to do whilst you are away. The stress of travelling is also eliminated. Staying within a 20-mile radius is a good idea for a stress-free break.

Keep It Short

f you want a relaxing break, it’s a good idea to keep it shorter, especially if it’s your first camping trip and you are trying to find your feet in the camping world. Plan a short break that will allow you to get a feel for camping, allowing you to better prepare for the next time you go away.

Don’t Over-Pack

Although we all love a good bit of glamping if you want a stress-free break, it’s best to pack light. Pack the essentials and then make a list of other items you think would be beneficial for your next adventure. Starting off slow and building up is a better idea than buying lots of bits only to find out you don’t need half of them.

Delegate Jobs and Get Everyone Involved

If you’re going camping as family or friends, assign everyone little jobs. For example, one person can be the chef, another can do the washing up, one can dry up and another can keep your campsite tidy. If each person has a job, it’ll stop things from becoming too much and ensure that everything gets done.

Buy an Inflatable Tent

Inflatable tents are a fabulous way to reduce the time it takes to set up your camp. Check out our selection of Inflatable tents. All of our Breeze tents can be erected in less than 30 minutes, meaning you’ll be sat relaxing in no time.

Plan Ahead- make lists:

Making lists is a fabulous way to reduce the stress of camping. Write a meal plan, and a shopping list and detail what camping equipment you will need. You can even laminate your lists or add them to your notes on your phone to use every time you go camping.

Don’t Forget Your First Aid Kit

When getting out and about, little cuts and bruises are inevitable. Reduce the stress of minor injuries by packing your own First Aid Kit. Make sure you pack extras such as bug spray, bite stick, pain killers, sun cream and after-sun, as well as the usual first aid kit items.

Pack Good Lighting

One thing people often forget to think about is lighting whilst camping. It’s inevitable that you will be walking around in the dark after the sun has set. Make sure to pack ample lighting, and maybe even pack a lamp if you have an electric hook-up pitch. 

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