The OLPRO Hive 6 Berth Poled Tent

Posted by Victoria Wilkes on 5th Jan 2023

The OLPRO Hive 6 Berth Poled Tent

Introducing the Hive 6 Berth Poled Tent… 

We know how much all of our customers loved both our Hive campervan Awning and our Hive Breeze campervan Awning, so we just had to make it into a 6-berth tent, making it the ultimate tent for the best camping holiday. 

What you may recognise as different from our Hive awnings, are two extra sleeping rooms. We’ve swapped out what would be an awning tunnel for a bedroom, as well as added space for sleeping, making the tent a 6-berth. 

What’s so great about our Hive Tent is that you don’t have to compromise on living space. Each bedroom is fully detachable, making extra room for storage cubbies, extra living space or even a small eating area that doesn’t take up extra room in the main living area of the tent. You can also enjoy stargazing at night with two square windows for a great view as well as 6 skylights on the roof of the tent which can fill your tent with light or the stars. 

As always with our tents and awnings, the tent is made from a fully waterproof material with fully taped seams. The tent features a canopy at the front of the tent to protect you from rain, and a fly mesh screen for added privacy and to protect you from those pesky bugs. The leg poles are made from steel and the roof poles are fibreglass. The front canopy also contains poles to keep it upright and secure. There are closing top vents above the square windows to improve airflow through the tent. The Hive Poled Tent takes an average of 25 minutes to pitch. 

Check out the Hive 6 Berth Poled Tent over on our website and pre-order today!

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