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What to do when you Receive your Tent/Awning

Posted by Katie Martin on 21st Apr 2023

What to do when you Receive your Tent/Awning

It’s always an exciting time when you get a new Tent or Awning in the post and you’re so excited to just get out and about camping that you might just forget to do the most important part of the unboxing process… Checking your tent and Awning.

Now we’ve all been there, but this is a crucial checkpoint when receiving your OLPRO Tent or Awning and it’s something we recommend all our customers do upon receiving your product so here are the steps you need to go through to have an easy, breezy camping experience.

Check your Tent/Awning

Whilst your product should arrive in perfect condition, we always recommend checking your product within the 30-day return period even if you aren’t using the product straight away.

You may ask why?

Well, the reason as to why is that you don’t want that awful feeling of arriving at the campsite and opening your product for the first time and realising something isn’t right or something might be damaged or missing.

If you purchase clothes for a holiday, you would usually open them, try them on and see how they fit, and if there was an issue you can return them or contact the company within the return period to get things sorted out before you go away.

Checking your Tent or Awning is the same thing, so please ensure you check your product upon delivery and before you go away.

Now, where to test them out?

We’d always recommend testing your products out either in your garden or taking your product to a local park and pitching up there.

Here’s what to check for…

Upon receiving your OLPRO Tent and Awning we recommend unboxing it, and checking you have the following in your package:

  • Product Instructions
  • Manual Pump
  • Pegs
  • Guy lines/ropes
  • Correct beams or poles (product dependent)

It’s incredibly important that whether you are pitching a poled tent or awning or an inflatable one, you have the correct poles or correct beams for that product.

Pitching a poled product

When pitching a poled product, make sure you have all the poles you need for each pitching point. Test out your poles, by threading them into the pole sleeve, make sure you pull your tent/awning taught to ensure your product is pitched correctly.

Pitching an inflatable product

Your inflatable product will always have beams, however depending on which inflatable product you purchase you might also have storm bars as well, so ensure you have all beams that are required for your product. You can see exactly what you'll need by looking at your product instructions sheet.

As they say, practice makes perfect, so make sure to inflate your beams before you go away so you get familiar with how to inflate them. Make sure that if there is more than one inflation point, all but one are closed before you start inflating otherwise, you'll be pumping the air right back out.

Take your time inflating your beams and make sure the internal pressure doesn't exceed 7PSI to avoid bursting them, and most importantly if you did have any issues, you can contact our customer support team before you go away and within the 30-day return period.

Again, make sure your awning is pulled taught and is pitched correctly.

We’ve got pitching videos on our YouTube channel for you to watch that show you exactly how your product should be pitched, as well as videos on how to inflate your main beams and storm bars if your product has them. Check out our YouTube here.

Once pitched…

Once your tent or awning has been pitched, we recommend you check your zips and seams. We advise this so you can ensure there are no snagged zips and no issues with your seams in case you run into some bad weather.

We also advise checking for any rips or tears on your tent or awning, whilst we don’t expect there to be issued, some may occur during your first set-up, so please ensure you give your tent and awning a full inspection.

As with all OLPRO Tents and Awnings, they are wind and rain tested, have a 5000mm Hydrostatic Head and are waterproof, however, we always advise checking your products within the 30-day return period.

If you do find any faults at all with your product, please take a look at our FAQ page which will direct you to the correct area of expertise.

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