Brand Ambassadors

Brand Ambassadors


OLPRO Products look best when they are out in the wild being used to their full potential. To show you this, we have called upon a lovely group of Campers, Campervanners and Caravanners to be OLPRO Brand Ambassadors. Below is a little bit about them and links to their blogs and social media where you can see photos and read about their adventures with their OLPRO Tents, Awnings and Accessories.



I'm a Trail Runner from France who drives a beautiful VW T5 van that I use for Camping, sports and to discover nature and different countries. I love to customise and upgrade my van and I really like OPRO's products for their quality and price. 




Hi I’m Lisa, a 40 year old female bus driver from Nottingham. Life can be pretty full on with city centre driving so as soon as I get any free time I pack up my car and head off to the countryside for solo hiking and car camping adventures! I love to be out in the countryside exploring new areas and meeting people along the way. I park up and camp out and enjoy peaceful evenings in remote campsites or wild camping, cooking my food and relaxing by the firepit.

I always get really excited when I am planning my next trip away and love to document my adventures using my camera and drone to share on my social media for others to follow along to. I am the founder of an all-female Facebook group “Women who car camp” which now has over 1100 members since 3 months ago when it launched and I host events for members to meet up and share experiences and hacks all around the UK. I have lots planned for 2022 and cannot wait to adventure again somewhere with my backpack and muddy boots on! Watch this space!




We are a tent-camping family from Jersey. We camp as much as possible, in all UK weather! We’re always looking for new camping hacks, upgrades and recipes and we share the good ones! We have had all sorts of tents from a fibreglass tunnel tent without a sewn-in ground sheet to an airframe tent with annex, vestibule and awning, and everything in between. At the campsite, I’m at my happiest when it’s a clear night and I can watch the stars with a glass of gin, he enjoys it most when the sun is shining and the BBQ is fired up, the kids love it most when the movie projector is up and there’s enough marshmallows and chocolate digestives for smore's and the dog just needs a comfy chair to make his own.
Join us for all sorts of camping adventures!




My name is Karren and I’m the proud owner of “Coco” the T25 campervan. We brought him in 2017 to hopefully explore as many places as possible. Since then Coco has taken us to France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Brussels, Luxembourg, Austria and a lot of the UK.

I have two sons and a husband and we are loving the campervan life, I’m really active on Instagram and over the years have really enjoyed talking to other people who share the same interests. I love photography and take lots of photos of our travels. Although we love the campervan life we also have a passion for VWs and anything vintage. Along with coco we have a VW T5 campervan and a 1972 beetle and last year we have brought a Monza vintage caravan to add to my growing collection.


Skip and Jump


Hey! My name is Matt Thomas. I'm a freelance photographer and filmmaker based in the Wirral, UK. 

My family and I are hugely passionate about the outdoors and attainable home living. We spend most of our spare time heading for the hills and coasts over England and North Wales.

I share my outdoor experiences, home lifestyle and the balance as a working visual creative over at


Camping With Style


Shell loves all things travel and outdoors and is a nature-loving, comfy-camping kinda girl. Shell started the Camping with Style blog after a serious snowboarding accident which left her with a broken back. Despite this she used the great outdoors and healing power of nature to aid her recovery and she continues to spend time outdoors whenever she can, sharing her love of camping and encouraging others to spend more time outside.
From open water swimming, snowboarding and kayaking to hill walks and meditation, Shell shares her travels and microadventures here on the blog and in various publications she's written for, Shell has a particular interest in promoting wellbeing and the many benefits of nature therapy.


The Caravanning Mummy


We are a Family of 4 plus dog, Rachel, Lex, Benji, Toby and Hugo the mini dachshund.

We're new to caravanning in 2019 after we purchased our very first caravan (named Bailey) and started on a huge adventure as a family. We document the good, the bad and the ugly of caravanning life as it happens!
We randomly started our caravanning journey after Lex had an idea when on holiday at a Spanish campsite in a static caravan which featured touring pitches. Our Ultimate Goal is to pitch up there in the Future, looking out over the sea!
A few days after returning, we were on the hunt for the perfect caravan in typically British weather of pouring rain. Two months later we were the proud owners of a brand new Bailey caravan, nothing like leaping in feet first!
It's been a steep learning curve and we are still learning each and every trip, but we love every second and can’t wait to get out touring in 2021, we have our further trip planned down to Cornwall this year!



The Ashford Family


We are the Ashford family and we have always loved the outdoors. To say Bertha (our campervan) was an impulse buy is an understatement. COVID had hit and we knew travel would become a little more difficult for the foreseeable future. So, one sunny August day we decided we were going to buy a campervan and withing 48 hours we had put down our deposit and were picking her up a week later.

I can only describe getting a camper as life changing for us. As a family we have spent so much time exploring the UK over the past year it has been incredible. From short trips away locally to the New Forest to our big trip this summer From Hampshire, up and around the top of Scotland doing the NC500 and what a trip this was. Stunning scenery, beautiful beaches, waterfalls, Bens, castles, seals, and we even managed to paddle board with dolphins, an experience we will never forget. In the last 12 months we have done 13,000 miles of adventuring and as a family of four, made memories that not only will last forever but we also have the hope that the children will be recollecting the stories of being away well into adulthood.





Colin Russell

My name's Colin Russell, I'm an avid wild camper who can't get enough of the great outdoors. I'm out wild camping around Scotland every weekend, mainly in the Galloway forest, but get to some amazing locations all over Scotland. There's nothing better than getting out into the wild instead of sitting in the house, you just can't beat it, it's good for the soul. 

I do a lot of campfire cooking as well, which is always popular as well as some hillwalking/hiking.




Emma Witherford


I have always enjoyed the outdoors, and in particular kayaking. Having started kayaking as a child, I now compete for Great Britain in Freestyle Kayaking, which is essentially described as ‘gymnastics in a kayak’. Kayaking has taken me to many incredible places, including the banks of the Nile and rapids across Europe, but the next stop will be the 2022 World Championships in Nottingham (my home ground). Woth this, my love for the outdoors has increased and I enjoy climbing, hiking, paddle boarding, and surfing at every opportunity.

Now living in the ‘outdoor city’ (Sheffield), I still regularly train at the National Water sports Centre, but also enjoy the local Peak District and bouldering gyms during the week.

2022 is set to be an exciting year and I am looking forward to making the most of the outdoors: from competing in kayaking, weekends away trying other outdoor activities, and making the most of 5 till 9 adventures!




Danielle lisle


I’m Danielle (33) and I live with my husband Andy, daughter Alice and our very new puppy Buddy in Northumberland. We love to explore on our doorstep and after dreaming of our own caravan for a few years we decided to bite the bullet and buy one. We wanted to make sure we loved it first so went with an older model and we’ve put our own spin on it. We’re so grateful for the freedom it has given us during what has been a challenging couple of years and we’ve been lucky to stay at some beautiful spots. We enjoy being outdoors and love hiking, kayaking, paddleboarding, walking and finishing all our activities off with a lovely local pub visit! We’re still learning with our caravan but love to share our site reviews, advice to other new campers as well as learn from others through Instagram (there is such a fantastic community there) we’re excited to see where it takes us in 2022!



Natalie Ray

Hi, I'm Natalie, a family travel and lifestyle blogger from beautiful Malvern in the West Midlands. Along with my husband, two girls and a dog, we enjoy exploring the UK in our Vivaro camper van. We love destinations with somewhere to swim, run and cycle. It's always good to be by the sea, we're rather a long way from it at home in the Midlands! Last year we took our Vivaro van and our Olpro Cocoon Breeze awning on a road trip from the West Midlands to the Scottish Highlands with some glorious stops on the way. Who knows what 2022 will hold but we're hoping for sun, sea, sand and a few music festivals. 



The Blackmore family


We are the Blackmore's, also known as "T4 Family". We are based in Somerset and we love being out and about travelling all over the UK. We have been camping as a family since 2015, then in 2018 we took the plunge and bought our first campervan Gino, a Volkswagen T4 Transporter with a pop-top. Over the years we have restored and refitted our van with all mod-cons and now have our own fully-kitted adventure home on wheels.

We are fairly active on Instagram and over the last few years have made a fantastic number of contacts with like-minded adventures, sharing advice and tips on the best places to stay, activities to try, shows to attend, and products to buy. In 2021 we headed out on the SW300 route around South-West Scotland, and our Summer 2022 adventures will be taking us further than we have travelled before off to France. Where will we go after that? We don't know yet but we are open to suggestions!




Steve Stain


I’m a self taught Landscape Photographer, touring the UK in my beloved Camper van, living the van life and seeing some outstanding locations throughout England, Scotland and Wales. When i’m not glamping in my Camper, I love to hike up a mountain and wild camp under the stars hoping for that spectacular sunsets and maybe the milkyway.

Also when out with my camera. I video my adventures and locations and upload them on Youtube so that anyone can join me on my fantastic journeys around the UK.
When im not out with my camera and my best friend Cooper, the crazy Boarder Collie, I’m bodyboarding with my boarding buddy Dirty Barry, down the Devon and Cornwall cost with my beautiful wife Mandy.


Caro Davies

We’re the Davies family; Caro, Dickie and our 8 year old twin boys Bertie and Cosmo. We have a caravan called Dolly (currently Dolly Mark III!) that we take to festivals and on camping trips. Dolly’s been the catalyst for so many amazing experiences; she’s most definitely more like a member of the family (and a real home-from-home) rather than ‘just’ a caravan.

We love caravanning and travel all over the UK — and sometimes beyond. Caravan holidays were always my favourite when I was a child; some of my fondest memories were of our family holidays in caravans. It makes me happy to know that we’re giving our little boys some amazing experiences and they, too, will have some precious memories of childhood when they’re grown up.

I write about our life and adventures over on my blog ’The Listed Home’; including our caravan makeovers which have proven to be very popular! Decorating your caravan (both inside and out) is a great way of making sure your camping holidays are as comfortable as possible! The OLPRO products also add to that notion. They provide fantastic accessories to make caravanning more enjoyable. I’m a real fan of their products and delighted to be an ambassador.




Lee Barton


Hi, I didn't realise I was an 'outdoors person' until I was over 40 - it's just what I have always done. My childhood included lots of camping and fishing in Scotland and it was my natural go-to when the holidays came around - travel, camp, hill walk, camp and return home. I used to turn down overtime at work to head into Snowdonia and appreciate the sound of silence on the hills, it was just instinctive to do so. Having been self-employed for many years I ended up going with my passion selling camping accessories and expedition foods before getting involved with Nearly Wild Camping. I believe in good value camping equipment that is both well made and affordable and as my YouTube channel shows I have reviewed many small tents suitable for wilder camping.


Claire Hall

We're a family of four, plus a dog, that has been camping and caravanning since day dot. My youngest daughter's first trip was when she was 13-days-old. Back then we had a caravan. We’ve since had a camper van and tents. We love the freedom of camping holidays in the UK and Europe, and can't wait to explore more sites in these destinations. My blog, Tin Box Traveller, shares all of our tips for travel with kids including camping, caravan and camper van holidays, as well as a whole bunch of other outdoor adventures like paddle boarding in our home county of Devon.


Beth Thornton


Heya! My name's Beth and I am a climber and adventure enthusiast. I have been climbing for about two years now and that has fuelled my passion for exploring the outdoors. I started Beth_adventure to track my climbing progress whilst also encouraging women into adventure sports, hopefully motivating them to push and improve on their fitness goals. And it’s just exploded from there really :)

My favourite thing to do is travel and explore so camping has become a great way for me to do such. I absolutely love planning my adventures and documenting my travels on my Instagram and blog. I have got lots of trips planed for 2022 in the UK and abroad that I’m excited to share.

   tiktok-logo.png Blog

Claire Bones 


Hi I’m Claire, the blogger behind The Ladybirds Adventures. A blog all about getting kids outdoors and UK family travel. Of course, this includes plenty of camping! Together with my husband and our 2 daughters, you’ll usually find us on family walks or camping trips in our Mazda Bongo Campervan (who the girls have named Betsy). We are based in Cheshire and our weekends away are usually in the North West, Yorkshire or North Wales. You’ll also find us in the school holidays exploring further areas of the UK and this summer – the Netherlands too!

 I love sharing tips and ideas for things to do outside with kids, camping tips for families and UK travel inspiration too.


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