Ambassador Profile - Camping with Josh

Ambassador Profile - Camping with Josh

"Being born and brought up in the city of London, I never had the great opportunity to witness vast amounts of nature apart from out of a train window on the way to visit family. I was fortunate a lot of my family lived by the coast, surrounded by woodland and the North Yorkshire moors. The summer months visiting family were my favourite times, as I was able to run free and explore nature to its fullest.


When the opportunity came in my later years to move out of the city, I took the leap with my wife and daughter to live closer to nature. Since that day, myself and my wife and now three daughters, explore, play and look after nature often. The joy of cooking outdoors and pitching a tent to spend the night under the stars is the best way to unwind after a busy week. As much as I love solo camping, there will always be a special place to experience it with the ones I love.


Having the opportunity to take my children camping more than I ever was able to as a child, brings joy especially experiencing seeing them enjoy nature as I did as a child. Nature isn’t just for holidays, it is home."

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