Family Inflatable Tents


We have a variety of inflatable family tents that are great for your long stay camping holidays and offer space for sleeping, living and storage, making your tent feel like your home away from home.

Inflatable tents are very quick to pitch, especially if they have a single point inflation such as the Abberley XL Breeze, meaning that the air beams are all connected and the tent is pumped up using one valve. Even if you have to inflate 3 or 4 air beams, it is still guaranteed to be much faster than pitching a fibreglass pole tent of a similar size. We also ensure packing the tent away is as simple as possible by designing a bag that is oversized, so you don't have any issues getting it all back inside. We also have a range of 'how to' videos available for anyone needing help with setting up/packing away our tents.

Inflatable tents tend to be heavier than their fibreglass pole or steel pole counterparts, but this downside is greatly outweighed by the durability and stability of tents with air beams in all weather.

All of our inflatable tents have sewn in groundsheets, 2 man - 4 man Bedroom inner tents and fly mesh or screens on most doors and windows. All are fully waterproof and include features such as rain diverters on the zips and electrical cable points for added protection against the elements throughout 3 seasons. They also have zipped blinds on the windows and pegs and guy lines are included.

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