Inflatable Campervan Awning


At OLPRO, we offer a wide range of inflatable campervan awnings, including air awnings and drive away awnings. These are an easy-to-use and convenient choice while you're away in your T4, T5, Transporter or Mazda Bongo. The added space for living, sleeping and storage means you can un-attach the inflatable awning and drive off to explore the surrounding area without having to pack all your things way.

We at OLPRO have made this experience even better by introducing our range of Breeze Inflatable Campervan Awnings. They range from small spaces to store tables and chairs to whole living spaces with room to sleep 5 people.

Inflatable awnings are very quick to pitch, especially if they have a single point inflation such as the Uno Breeze, meaning that the air beams are all connected and the tent is pumped completely up using one valve. Even if you have to inflate 3 or 4 air beams, it is still guaranteed to be much faster than pitching a fibreglass or steel pole awning of a similar size. We also ensure packing the awning away is as simple as possible by designing a bag that is oversized so you don't have any issues getting it all back inside. We also have a range of 'how to' videos available for anyone needing help with setting up/packing away our awnings. All Instructions for our products can be found on the website too.

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