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A Guide to Awnings

27th Jul 2021

A Guide to Awnings

Going away In your Campervan, Caravan and Motorhome can be quite cramped when you don’t have that much space for everything you need on your camping trips. An awning is a great addition to any camper’s kit with the tent-like structure that attaches onto your vehicle giving extra space for sleeping, living and storage.

Read on for more information on awnings and how they will add value to your camping kit.

How to attach an awning to my vehicle?

First of all you will want to purchase:

You will want to attach your awning rail along the top of your vehicle on the side of your door. Once you have attached the awning rail to your vehicle, you will then want to use your drive away kit to thread onto the awning rail. Once this is attached, you then need to grab the awning attachment and thread it carefully onto your drive away kit until the awning is fully attached. You can then put up the rest of the awning.

If you don’t want to use an awning rail, you can use the long storm straps which are attached to the awning either side of the awning tunnel. The storm straps are extra secure and a great alternative to using an awning rail. You then put the straps over your vehicle and peg them in tightly to ensure that the awning is stable.

Buying an Awning for your Vehicle

It can be quite overwhelming looking for an awning for your vehicle, however at OLPRO we have made it easy for you with our website menu bar which will help you find the right awning for your vehicle.

All OLPRO Awnings are:

  • Made to withstand all types of weather conditions, the material is durable as well as lightweight which means it’s easy to carry.
  • Waterproof to ensure they prevent leakage.
  • Made with a sewn in groundsheet.

OLPRO’s Awnings are great for adding extra space to your set up whether it be for sleeping, living or storage. Awnings really add to your camping set up with the ability to act like a home away from home where you can decorate them with home comforts such as fairy lights and furniture that makes it feel like you’re at home. Awnings are also great for making it feel as if you’re more in touch with nature with the various elements of windows and skylights that keep you more in touch with nature.

Buy your OLPRO Awning here.

What size awning should I buy for my Vehicle?

Campervan Awnings - OLPRO Campervan Awnings are suited to fit campervans between a height of 190cm – 250cm.

Motorhome Awnings – OLPRO Motorhome Awnings are suited to fit Motorhomes between a height of 240cm – 290cm.

Caravan Awnings – OLPRO caravan Awnings are suited to fit Caravans between a height of 230cm -250cm (UK).

Awning Accessories

There’s many awning accessories you can buy to add to your camping experience such as:

  • Awning Ground Sheets – You place your awning groundsheet under your awning and carpet and pitch it over the top. They’re designed to protect and prevent your awning from any rips and tears, as well as keeping your awning clean.
  • Awning Carpets - Awning carpets are a great addition to your kit as they add extra comfort to your camping experience making it feel a little bit more like home.
  • Awning Skirt – Awning skirts are great for preventing draught in the tunnel in between your vehicle and awning, keeping in the warmth.   
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