Camping with an Inflatable Tent/Awning in Summer

Posted by Katie Martin on 13th Jun 2023

Camping with an Inflatable Tent/Awning in Summer

If you hadn’t noticed the weather has warmed up significantly, which means it’s important that you execute the best practice for pitching up with an inflatable tent or awning.

Some of you may think that pitching your tent/awning may be relatively straightforward. There’s no rain to worry about, there are clear skies, the sun’s shining and you’re looking forward to a bit of R&R. That’s not entirely the case, you need to be aware of the best way to inflate your beams during this hot weather...

If you’ve picked an inflatable tent or awning as your choice of getaway, you need to be aware that you cannot inflate your beams over 7PSI. Here at OLPRO we always recommend inflating to 7PSI as a standard, so anything above could potentially cause you some issues.

However, whilst we do recommend inflating to 7PSI, you should be wary that during hot weather, air pressure will increase, so you may need to reduce your inflation to slightly below 7PSI to avoid any burst beams due to increased air pressure from the weather.

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