Inflatable Tent Packages


Secure an amazing deal with our inflatable tent packages.

If you’re looking for inflatable tent packages, look no further than OLPRO. You will find that inflatable tents are easier to pitch when compared to traditional tents. Even if you have to inflate 3 or 4 air beams, it is still guaranteed to be much faster than poled tents. When you buy an inflatable tent as part of a camping bundle, you can easily buy the perfect accessories to match. We recommend alleviating some of the camping stress by buying a high quality, durable inflatable tent package from OLPRO.


What’s the difference between inflatable and poled tents?


Inflatable tents are the same as any other type of tent, with just one difference. They don’t use metal or wooden poles to keep everything in place. Instead they use air filled beams which provide a sturdy frame for your tent to sit comfortably around. They’re often quicker to set up and disassemble, meaning you can get your camp site ready a lot quicker than with a poled tent. So why not replace that old poled tent with one of our inflatable tent packages, so your next camping holiday is even easier to organise than your last one.


Tent Accessories


As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of inflatable tents and campervan awnings we also stock a range of accessories  such as tent pegs and carpets that will help you make your camping trip more enjoyable, all at a great price and with superb service.


Buy tents from OLPRO online 

Need help selecting or buying an inflatable tent package? Please do not hesitate to get in touch. The OLPRO team consists of outdoor experts who have been designing and producing top quality camping and camper van equipment since 2011. We’re definitely the experts when it comes to tents, and we’re always happy to help.

We offer a multitude of tents in different sizes, shapes and colours so we are sure that you’ll find exactly what you need for your camping holiday.

Contact us on +44 129 989 6959 or email if you need help with buying a tent online.

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